Terry Ott: 3rd Down, CTE to go – FINAL Part

Terry Ott: 3rd Down, CTE to go – FINAL Part

How to Get Young Athletes to Eat Well for Sports + MORE

Parents want their young athletes to feel good, eat well, and perform their best. But that’s not always easy to accomplish when you’re dealing with hungry, growing bodies, different food preferences, and food temptations around every corner. I’ve heard a variety of food complaints from .... More »
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Help Your Child Win the Head Games in Youth Sports + MORE

You’ve probably heard coaches and athletes say that sports is much more of a mental game than physical. The mental game includes the ability to focus, move past mistakes, and persist through adversity. After raising three kids who played sports through college, I’d add that the mental game also .... More »

The College Program…Creating a Social Change + MORE

With the cost of college rising each year, St. Louis father and son duo, Tim and James Twellman created The College Program. The College Program provides services and programs to help families and students decide what school is the right choice for college. And more significantly, what school f.... More »
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Don’t Let An Injury Stop You From Exercising + MORE

By Dev Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: Being injured doesn’t always mean you need to completely stop all exercise or sport activity. Don’t be afraid to have a discussion with your doctor, physical th.... More »
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Looking for a Good Pair of Youth Sports Cleats? Here’s the Top Sellers + MORE

When looking to buy your child youth sports cleats, the choices are many. And the hours you can spend that you really don’t have can quickly add up as you tried to shop around and choose. One good way to determine what’s the best choice is to see what others have bought. Usually if they..... More »
This continuing “Guest Series” is being authored by Terry Ott and will delve into the Canadian Football League and the issues revolving around it and brain injury.  His process began nearly a year ago, but Mr. Ott picked up some steam with the release of“League of Denial”.  He has since found himself running into dead-ends and basically […]

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