Team Player Podcast: Help Your Child Be a Team Player + MORE

Team Player Podcast: Help Your Child Be a Team Player + MORE

19 Ways You Can Help Your Child’s Youth Sports Team

Helping your child’s youth sports team is important for you, your child, and your child’s team. We tell our kids over and over that in order to win they must work together as a team. A great way for you to show them how this works is by working with other parents on the team...Read .... More »

INNOVATIONS IN SPORTS: Using Technology To Help You Be a Better Sports Parent

Four Tips to Help Sports Parents Stay Sane  By Kathleen Burke, TeamSnap As sports parents, you have a lot on your mind. From safety concerns on the field to getting your kids to practices on time to juggling family responsibilities, it’s easy to understand why many parents often feel overwhelmed .... More »
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Should Sports Kids Expect to Perform Without Mistakes? + MORE

Helping Young Athletes Move on After Mistakes A sport parent asks: “My kids keep hearing that they are supposed to aim for a game without mistakes, but to expect that mistakes are going to happen nonetheless. They ask me if it is possible though, to actually have a game with zero mistakes?.... More »
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The Game When My Son Struck out 3 Times, and What I Learned + MORE

There are moments in a sports parent’s life that are embedded in your heart and memory so deeply that they will always move you when you think of them. One of those moments for me was when my 4th-grade son–who is now 28–struck out three times in a playoff little league game. As the.... More »
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When Young Athletes Struggle With Self-Doubt

Helping Young Athletes Overcome Negative Beliefs It’s common for young athletes to struggle with doubt and negative thoughts about their performance. They tell themselves that: They aren’t good enough. They can’t beat the competition. They’re going to let down their coaches, parents, and f.... More »
To Listen to the Podcast, click on the arrow above. Learning to be a team player is something all parents and coaches can probably agree on. But it’s pretty evident by all the chaos in the youth sports world that not everyone agrees just how that should look. Today’s guest is Solomon Alexander from the…

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Loyola of Chicago’s Dr. Neeru Jayanthi asks sports parents, organizations, and medical professionals to just "let kids be kids," warns parents "not to drink the Kool-Aid" on the perceived benefits of early specialization, and suggests two simple rules for youth sports: that kids (1) not play more hours per week in sport than their age; and (2) devote no more than twice the time playing organized sports than spent in free, unstructured play…

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