#tbt Post: Mild Concussions + MORE

#tbt Post: Mild Concussions + MORE

How You Can Coach Your Child to Be an Overcomer + MORE

When your child is going through a rough season, you can talk to him until you are blue in the face and still may not feel like he is listening to what you are saying. Unfortunately, our kids can become immune to our encouragements and pep talks and no matter how profound our words are,...Read .... More »
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Woman’s Ice Hockey Leads In Concussions + MORE

Today, in news that shouldn’t be surprising, a recent study by the Minnesota Department of Health has declared Woman’s Ice Hockey as the high school sport most likely to incur concussions. In fact, MDH believes that these athletes are two to three times more likely to suffer a concussion.... More »

Parents, It’s Time to Adopt the 24 Hour Rule

The 24-hour rule was established at a high school where my husband taught and coached for many years. The rule was simply this: if you have a problem with the coach after a game, wait 24 hours before talking to him or her. Unfortunately, parents didn’t always abide by the rule and the result .... More »
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How To Measure An Athlete's Intangibles + MORE

Dr. Bob Schafer (seated) of Prophecy Sciences at SSAC14One of the unmistakable takeaways from the recent MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference is that teams across all sports are looking for the “next big thing” that will offer a competitive advantage.  For most of the 2,000 attendees at th.... More »
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The Greatest Fictional Coach Bracket + MORE

The Bracket (SEE FULL BRACKET) Some of the greatest coaches to grace the gridiron or pace the hardwood have been fictional. They hold a special place in pop culture history, and sometimes we wish they could hop out of the TV and give us a pep talk. Unfortunately the closest we can get is flipping on.... More »

Spirit Wear Gets a Whole New Sparkle

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national flag football tournament 1394812175 528295502 #tbt Post: Mild Concussions + MOREGone are the days of ‘shrink it and pink it’ for female fan apparel – Prep Sportswear launched their new feminine Sparkle Twill line for schools and sports! Moms, elementary kids, tweens, teens and beyond will love this sassy new look while rooting for their favorite team! We were sent two items from this new line to review and my daughter chose a traditional looking baseball shirt and a more trendy slouch sweatshirt…

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Friday Night Tykes

– allprodad.com

It’s no secret that parents often push their children to extremes when it comes to sports. One such example is from the show, Friday Night Tykes. We’ve got a short clip for you to watch below. As you watch, consider ways in which you might be too harsh or too extreme in dealing with your own children…

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“You have the opportunity today to rip their $%&@#*! heads off, and let them bleed! If I cut ‘em with a knife, they are gonna bleed!”
This is not a scene from a war, mob, or gangster movie, but the words of a youth football coach to his 8 year-old players. This is one of many similar scenes I watched from Friday Night Tykes, a reality-based TV show which follows several teams in a Texas youth football league…

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 1394812163 215366962 #tbt Post: Mild Concussions + MOREWhen St. Michael Albertville High School wrestler Mitchell McKee pinned Blaine High School’s Malik Stewart in the 120 pound final at the Minnesota State High School Wrestling Championships, events after the match caused quite a stir. You see, McKee’s father is battling terminal cancer. Mitchell’s dream of winning the title for his dad came through in dramatic fashion…

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Superstar athletes are a lot less accessible to the media than they used to be. There was a time a writer could cover a football (soccer) match in London, file their report on the whistle and then share a few pints in a pub with the players afterwards, but not anymore.
Agents and teams fiercely control their most valuable assets in today’s world, which makes any exclusive access the media can procure all the more precious…

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Another Hopkins Buzzer Beater!

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nfl flag football tournament 1394812162 261104222 #tbt Post: Mild Concussions + MOREIn a Minnesota State High School Basketball semifinal game last night, it appeared as if the Hopkins vs. Shakopee game was going to go down in history as one of the most boring 4 overtime games in history.  With no shot clock in Minnesota high school ball, Hopkins took the strategy of playing for the last shot against Shakopee’s match up zone defense…

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I realize this is, kind of, short notice, but space remains for this good-looking concussion conference in Arizona, next week.  However; The CACTIS Foundation and Banner Concussion Center present recognized thought leaders at the Third Annual Current Topics in Sports Medicine and Concussions 2014: The Essentials Saturday March 22nd in Scottsdale, AZ, at The Scottsdale Plaza Hotel…

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#tbt Post: Mild Concussions

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Originally Posted January, 2011… Hogwash!  There is NOTHING mild about a concussion, period.  However media, teams, players and even medical staffs continue to use this nomenclature with this injury.  It is simply counterproductive to label this injury with a “mild” tag, and hampers the effort of everyone trying to increase awareness…

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 1394812171 371971760 #tbt Post: Mild Concussions + MOREDr. Bob Schafer (seated) of Prophecy Sciences at SSAC14One of the unmistakable takeaways from the recent MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference is that teams across all sports are looking for the “next big thing” that will offer a competitive advantage.  For most of the 2,000 attendees at this year’s event, the holy grail was assumed to be buried somewhere in the Big Data world of sports statistics and their endless permutations and combinations…

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