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It’s Time to End the Sideline Sportsanity + MORE

As soon as I stepped out of my car in the parking lot, I could hear it. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon of travel soccer, but there it was. You know what I’m talking about: that sometimes beautiful, often times excruciating cacophony of sounds that we have come to know as “cheering for our.... More »
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SmartTeams™ Website Offers Innovative Way to Increase Athletes’ Concussion Reporting + MORE

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Concord, MA.  September 13, 2016.  Just in time for the fall sports season, MomsTEAM Institute, a leading child protection in sports education and advocacy non-profit, has launched a new website designed to improve concussion safety by showing how the immediate reporting .... More »
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Helping Young Athletes With Mental Rehearsal + MORE

How To Mentally Rehearse Using Visualization deal with sports parents and the mental game challenges their sports kids have. Visit and click on contact us to submit your question for Dr. Cohn to answer in his mental game videocast or podcast. Here’s the question Dr. Patrick Cohn.... More »

Case Keenum and Adam Thielen Lead Vikings Offense

With an extra bye week of rest, the Case Keenum led Vikings meet a dangerous New Orleans Saints team this Sunday, January 14. Expectations are high, and with the top defense in the league, a resurging offense and home field advantage, Viking fans have a lot to be confident in. With Minnesota playing.... More »

What Olympic Parents Want to Tell Sports Parents

Every two years, we are in awe of Olympians and inevitably, we meet some Olympic parents and hear their stories of sacrifice and support. There was a time, however, when those Olympic parents were sports parents much like you are. I doubt that most of them really grasped that someday their children .... More »

Help Sports Kids Grow From Adversity


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How To Comeback After Mistakes
As many as 75% of the athletes we work with are very hard on themselves after a mistake or loss.
Here’s an example: A high school soccer player struggles with her game after missing a few shots…
If she misses a shot on a goal early in the game, she gets upset and starts to think that something is wrong with her shot…

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Sports parents, let me get straight to the point: if you want your child to have a good youth sports experience, then it’s got to start with you. Stay away from these 20 bad sports parenting habits if you want to keep your child from having a miserable season. Make winning the only priority. Fall…

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Coach Spotlight Series: Catching Up With Natalie Johnston — CoachUp Blog As you’ve been accustomed to in our weekly spotlights and newsletters, we try to chat with coaches that exemplify the #CoachUpWay. Hard-working coaches deserve all the shine and praise, so we’ve been bringing you tips, tricks, and strategies to improve your profiles and experiences on […] The post Coach Spotlight Series: Catching Up With Natalie Johnston appeared first on CoachUp Blog.

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Battle of the Superstars: Crosby vs. Ovechkin With the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins set to face off in the second of the NHL Playoffs, there’s no more perfect time than now to post this wonderful infographic. No matter what level of NHL knowledge you own, it’s not difficult to align with the belief that Alex Ovechkin […] The post Battle of the Superstars: Crosby vs…

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