Stefan Fatsis slams Sports Illustrated’s anonymous reporting on Michael Sam + MORE

Stefan Fatsis slams Sports Illustrated’s anonymous reporting on Michael Sam + MORE

NFL Divisional Round + CoachUp Contest!

We’re back! Last week’s Wildcard Weekend Pick’Em was such a massive success, we’ve decided to bring it back again. With the many injury questions surrounding the eight teams left, it’s anybody’s guess as to who will survive and advance this weekend. By now, you kn.... More »

HEROIC ATHLETES/COACHES: Kids Sports + Charitable Causes = Winning Tradition + MORE

  Donating to Youth By Year’s End:  The Potency of Private Giving By Doug Abrams   On November 3, the Meriden (Conn.) Record-Journal ran a brief story about the 20th Hysterical Comedy show, which took place in Wallingford a few nights later.  The twice-a-year event typically draws audiences of.... More »

SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY SECRETS: What Sports Parents Need to Know

As sports parents, we worry so much about our kids learning the correct physical technique or mechanics in their sports…but about their mental approach? For example, what should you say to your youngster if they’re getting visibly nervous or moody before a game? Is it okay if they develop c.... More »

Sports Parenting Podcast: One sport year round?

To listen to this sports parenting podcast, click on the above arrow. Are you feeling the pressure of youth sports specialization? In this episode I talk with Tyrre Burks of about what parents should consider when it comes to one-sport-year-round and how they can fight against t.... More »

Facing the kiddie music: apologizing to your child

7 Steps for apologizing to your child Two minutes after you see a blur of Oliver and Emma scream through the hallway, you hear a major crash in the living room. Immediately, you start berating the kids for running in the house. You head into the room, still yelling, only to find the cat sitting on .... More »

Sportsmanlike Conduct


How to Teach Kids the Positive Rules of the Game

As young athletes across the country and around the world tune in to watch their sports idols go for the Gold at the Olympic Games, it’s a great time to do some training on sportsmanship.
Here are my Top 10 Tips to foster a winning attitude on the field and off:


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Okay, sports fans, who remembers the Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan shoot off showdown?
The classic McDonald’s commercial may have been a tongue in cheek commentary on competitiveness, but it worked because it hit so close to home. For better or for worse, we live in a culture defined by competitiveness…

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Here’s a look back at two basketball greats who loved to compete…even if it was over a simple sandwich from McDonalds. Enjoy this short clip highlighting Larry Bird and Michael Jordan’s extreme shoot off for a sandwich.

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In an effort to reduce contact above the shoulders and lessen the risk
of head and neck injuries in football, the National Federation of State
High School Associations (NFHS) has revised the rules governing high school football for the 2014 season to add
definitions of "targeting" and "defenseless player…

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youth sports 1392363822 318902483 Stefan Fatsis slams Sports Illustrated’s anonymous reporting on Michael Sam + MORELast week we posted Part 1 of what to watch for in the Olympic Games. Here’s what to watch for in week two. The times provided for these events show when they will be streamed live and are in Eastern Standard Time.
Sunday, February 15
The US Men’s Hockey team faces Russia, which should be a great game to watch…

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nfl flag football tournament 1392363824 1155605773 Stefan Fatsis slams Sports Illustrated’s anonymous reporting on Michael Sam + MOREMichael Sam / AP
In a piece that appears in both Slate and Deadspin, Stefan Fatsis sharply criticizes Sports Illustrated for its coverage of Mizzou linebacker Michael Sam coming out as gay.
Fatsis, who spent about a decade each with the Associated Press and the Wall Street Journal and has written three books, writes that SI’s Peter King, Pete Thamel and Thayer Evans made bad journalistic decisions as they reported their reaction pieces, and that those decisions resulted in coverage that didn’t accurately reflect what Fatsis describes as “a reasonable reflection of a broader reality…

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