Sportswriter wisdom from Jeff Pearlman and Ross Newhan + MORE

Sportswriter wisdom from Jeff Pearlman and Ross Newhan + MORE

How You Can Coach Your Child to Be an Overcomer + MORE

When your child is going through a rough season, you can talk to him until you are blue in the face and still may not feel like he is listening to what you are saying. Unfortunately, our kids can become immune to our encouragements and pep talks and no matter how profound our words are,...Read .... More »
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SPORTS SAFETY: Let’s Not Give Up on Youth Football Too Quickly + MORE

In Praise of Youth Football Guest Column from Wayne Mazzoni Listening to Coach Wolff’s show this past Sunday morning, but not having the time to call in, I feel compelled to add to the conversation on youth football.  Having been a part of youth sports as a player, coach, and parent, I can tell y.... More »
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LEGAL CONCERNS: Making Our Playing Fields Level for ALL Athletes + MORE

When Game Officials Overlook Youth Leaguers’ Cultural, Ethnic, or Religious Identities  By Doug Abrams When the Flagstaff (Ariz.) High School Eagles girls basketball team faced Greenway High School earlier this month, the Eagles wore their hair in traditional Navajo buns during pregame warmup. F.... More »
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Timing ACL Surgery For High School Athletes + MORE

By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: It’s very important to discuss timing of ACL surgery with your orthopedic surgeon I recommend looking out over your calendar and working backwards one year fro.... More »
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COACHING TIPS: Are the Days of Yelling and Screaming Over? + MORE

Absolutely fascinating discussion this AM on “The Sports Edge” on WFAN Sports Radio. The subject? Have we reached a juncture where coaches who rely upon screaming and yelling have become, well, outdated? The opinons poured in from callers. Among the highlights: > “Coaches need t.... More »
There are many moments in life when we overthink the situation. But by the time we’ve studied it, observed it, and contemplated it…the situation has passed or gotten worse. Sometimes we just need to handle the issue immediately in the best way possible. This is where life hacks come in handy—a shortcut that gets right to the heart of the matter…

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The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM) has released a list of five tests and procedures that are commonly ordered but not always necessary in sports medicine.

The list, issued as part of Choosing Wisely®, an initiative of the ABIM Foundation, identifies five targeted, evidence-based recommendations that can support conversations between patients and physicians about what care is really necessary…

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junior football tournaments 1396911066 220895497 Sportswriter wisdom from Jeff Pearlman and Ross Newhan + MOREJeff Pearlman has published a handful of pieces in Bleacher Report over the last few months, all of them excellent. Pearlman is a former Sports Illustrated staffer and the author of the current bestseller “Showtime: Magic, Kareem, Riley and the Los Angeles Lakers Dynasty of the 1980s” as well as five other books…

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