SPORTS SAFETY: Let’s Not Give Up on Youth Football Too Quickly + MORE

SPORTS SAFETY: Let’s Not Give Up on Youth Football Too Quickly + MORE
youth football tournaments 1491317038 1537361296 SPORTS SAFETY: Let’s Not Give Up on Youth Football Too Quickly + MORE

The Shortest Workout Part 2: Blood Flow Restriction Exercise + MORE

By Dev Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training involves use of KAATSU bands or pressure cuffs to temporarily restrict blood flow during resistance exercises This type of tra.... More »
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Improvements In Youth Sports Safety Seen At State Level, But Work Remains + MORE

Statistics released by the National Athletic Trainers' Association in March 2016 show improvement in the number of states that have adopted best practices in three major areas of sports safety, but that safety gaps persist. The number of states (and percent improvements since the 2014-15 school .... More »

ATHLETIC DIRECTORS: When HS Coaches are Fired….

A few weeks ago, the long-time varsity boys basketball coach at Horace Greeley HS in Chappaqua, NY was fired. He’d been the head coach there for 24 years. That’s a long time. And for many of his players, he was beloved. But the AD at Greeley decided to make a change. And of course, because it’.... More »
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NEW Swimming Award Certificates Make a Splash! + MORE

These swimming award certificates will come in handy for all types of swimming occasions. When kids learn how to swim, take their first dive into the pool or just excel at swimming, it might be time to recognize their achievements in a memorable way. This 6-pack bundle of swimming certificates templ.... More »

New Softball Mom Planner Gets You Organized

The new Softball Mom Planner provides 8 customizable forms for you to stay on top of all the goings on for the season. Things can get hectic with traveling sports, but this tool will keep you organized. The 8 forms are a perfect tool for any parent or coach. You’ll get a pre-season checklist, .... More »
In Praise of Youth Football
Guest Column from Wayne Mazzoni
Listening to Coach Wolff’s show this past Sunday morning, but not having the time to call in, I feel compelled to add to the conversation on youth football.  Having been a part of youth sports as a player, coach, and parent, I can tell you nothing equals the experience you get from youth football…

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The Difference Between Winning and Losing


By James Leath (this first appeared on his blog at A former student athlete of mine was awarded a full ride to play NCAA D1 football and he called me recently, just to talk. Calls from former athletes are a huge highlight in any coach’s day. “Coach, what is the difference between winning and […]

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Join me for The Mom Conference 2015


national youth football tournaments 1444244484 818641455 SPORTS SAFETY: Let’s Not Give Up on Youth Football Too Quickly + MOREWant some help minimizing the hard stuff and maximizing the wonderfulstuff of motherhood?

The Mom Conference is a totally FREE three-day online event featuring some truly amazing speakers and YOU are invited to attend!

Join over 100,000 moms around the world on October 13, 14, and 15th and come away armed with powerful new strategies for everything from sibling rivalry to healthy eating to finding more joy in motherhood…

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flag football tournament 1444244474 659832846 SPORTS SAFETY: Let’s Not Give Up on Youth Football Too Quickly + MOREWe’ve got another great interview for you this afternoon as we caught up with basketball coach Nick Nobriga to pick his brain. Come back every week as we ask some of our most successful coaches on CoachUp their tricks of the trade and how they get the most from their athletes. Whether you’re a coach, an athlete, or a parent of an athlete, we guarantee there are some great points for you to takeaway from the Coach Spotlight Series…

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Bullying or competitive play? In sports, it can sometimes be difficult to tell the two apart.

While intimidation can be a natural part of competition, studies have shown that kids who are teased in gym class or sports are less likely to participate in physical activity one year later. As athletes and parents of athletes, how do we spot real sports bullies and what should we do about them? Since October is National Bullying Prevention Month, it’s a good time to address this very important topic…

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Many scholars have studied and written about the benefits of play for children. According to psychologist and research professor Peter Gray, play “serves many valuable purposes. It is a means by which children develop their physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and moral capacities.”
For quite some time, my daughter was afraid of the dark…

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Thank you to my friends at Fanatics.Com, FlipGive and Cool Contour for believing in the positive difference adults can make in youth sports and for the awesome gifts they are giving the winners! For the past three weeks, I’ve been reading your nominations for the positive youth sports award and I have something very important to say…

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 1444244468 553536773 SPORTS SAFETY: Let’s Not Give Up on Youth Football Too Quickly + MORE
Parents, even when the game is over, you need to be careful about how you communicate with your young athletes.
Often, parents are tempted to harp on sports kids’ mistakes after a game.
In the first in a series of podcasts, mental game expert Dr. Patrick Cohn gives parents some tips for ensuring they boost their kids’ confidence after a game…

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