SPORTS PARENTING TRENDS: Two Cases of Special Needs Athletes — Two Very Different Outcomes + MORE

SPORTS PARENTING TRENDS: Two Cases of Special Needs Athletes — Two Very Different Outcomes + MORE

TRENDS IN SPORTS: How HS Boys Basketball Has Changed over the Last 30 Years + MORE

There was a time in this country when making a HS varsity basketball team was a fairly simple process. That is, hopeful kids tried out for the team under the watchful eyes of the head coach and his staff, in the hope that one would impress enough with one’s skills, size, experience, and speed .... More »

10 Things Parents Do at Games That Their Kids Do Not Like

Most parents want their children to have a positive youth sports experience. It’s just that they often end up unintentionally sabotaging that effort by the way they act at their child’s sporting event. Give your child a positive youth sports experience by avoiding these 10 game day behaviors. C.... More »

SPORT SAFETY: Has HS Football Become an Endangered Species?

The last few years have been a rocky time for HS football players – and for their parents as well. So far this season, eight HS football players have died while participating in the sport. Clearly, no one ever wants to go through the heartache of watching a teen-aged son collapse  — and.... More »

At-Home Workout, Vol 1 + What To Watch + MORE

At-Home Workout Halloween is finally upon us, but if you’re worried about all those chocolates and sweets, we’ve got the perfect At-Home Workout for you to take advantage of on Sunday! All of our workouts focus on delivering fun, calorie-burning activities that don’t require an exp.... More »
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4 Tips for Pokemon Go Safety + MORE

A Guest Post from Amy Tiemann, PhD The new mobile game Pokémon Go has won the hearts and minds of millions of Americans with over 7 million downloads in its first week of release. This has happened so quickly that many parents are just catching up with this new craze. What makes this game diff.... More »
Dustin Parkes, who was the Features Editor at The Score before a round of layoffs last year, wrote about “Despair, remorse and hope for writers in the digital age” recently on his personal blog.
He began by talking about the troubles last year at The New Republic, which saw mass editorial-staff resignations after new owner Chris Hughes, a Facebook co-founder, announced plans to make the venerable magazine a “vertically integrated digital-media company,” which is the kind of talk that sends old-media types running…

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flag football tournaments 1428395418 1998849344 SPORTS PARENTING TRENDS: Two Cases of Special Needs Athletes —  Two Very Different Outcomes + MOREThere are times when it’s just easier to work out from home. Bad weather conditions, a narrower time window for your workout, or perhaps you just need to be home for another reason are some of the root causes for wanting to have a suitable substitute for a gym workout.
It’s pretty common for families to have at least one significant exercise equipment machine…

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To listen to the comparison podcast, click on the above arrow. Do you ever find yourself comparing your child with another athlete on his  or her team or with a sibling? I began this podcast with the idea that comparison was not good, but I learned even as I talked with my guest Caz McCaslin…Read More

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A Tale of Two Cities: Special Needs Athletes and the High School Varsity
By Doug Abrams
“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, . . . it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness.”
— Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities (1859)…

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