Sports Parenting Podcast: Tips for Basketball Players Who Want to Play at the Next Level + MORE

Sports Parenting Podcast: Tips for Basketball Players Who Want to Play at the Next Level + MORE

4 Important Things Your Child’s Youth Sports Coach Wants You To Know

Have you ever asked your child’s coach how you can best help him or her do their job?  Last month, I shared in a video that parents and coaches have a disconnect and that communication is a must if they are to work together to give kids a positive youth sports experience. In order to...Read .... More »

4 Things Your Child’s High School Coach May Not Tell You, But SHOULD + MORE

This is Part 4 of a 6-part series What Your Child’s Sports Coach Wants You to Know, sponsored by TeamSnap, a company that does its very best to give parents, coaches, and teams a tool that will facilitate clear and consistent communication.   If your child is playing high school sports, th.... More »

How to Completely Change the Way You Look at Youth Sports

Are you content with your child’s youth sports experience? Here’s how you can tell if you are: You don’t stress about playing time or position. You can sit down and enjoy the game without getting upset at someone. You are not counting the days until the season ends. You are not nag.... More »
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Looking for a Good Pair of Youth Sports Cleats? Here’s the Top Sellers + MORE

When looking to buy your child youth sports cleats, the choices are many. And the hours you can spend that you really don’t have can quickly add up as you tried to shop around and choose. One good way to determine what’s the best choice is to see what others have bought. Usually if they..... More »

How to Turn a Bad Season Around

What is a “Bad” season anyway? Have you ever gone through a season that can only be described as “Bad?” Maybe your child is struggling with getting along with her teammates. Or isn’t getting the playing time he wants. Or isn’t improving at the rate you’d lik.... More »
Woo! That Hot Stove is blazin’ now and, before you know it, baseball will be up and running! At many high schools, baseball can start as early as February, so now is the perfect time to tune up and prepare for your most important set of tryouts yet. We’ve talked about hitting, pitching, and fielding […] The post Drill of the Week: Stealing Bases appeared first on CoachUp Blog.

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By Laurie Mandel 

If you’re like many parents, you’d probably agree there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. From taking care of tasks at the office to helping the kids with their homework and getting them to practice and games on time, there is hardly a minute to slow down…

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Official Responses to Hazing
 By Doug Abrams
The Ooltewah (Tenn.) High School boys’ varsity basketball season is over. The school superintendent canceled the remainder of the schedule on January 6, after three older players were arrested for allegedly raping a 15-year-old freshman teammate in a cabin during the team’s overnight stay at a tournament in nearby Gatlinburg on December 22…

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To listen to this episode, click on the above arrow. If your child plays basketball, and desires to keep playing through high school, perhaps even college, you must listen to what my guest, Kyle Ohman of has to say. He has some great tips for parents, coaches and athletes about basketball success…

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