Sports Illustrated’s Podcast Gets Youth Sports Right + MORE

Sports Illustrated’s Podcast Gets Youth Sports Right + MORE
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Help Young Athletes Overcome Mistakes + MORE

Help Young Athletes Let Go Of High Expectations When athletes are composed under pressure and can let go of mistakes quickly, they’re more likely to feel more in control and perform well. In fact, like a lot of the mental skills we talk about, they can transfer this important skill from sports to.... More »

Tackling Childhood Cancer + MORE

Tackling is a tough job for NFL linebackers. Tackling childhood cancer is even tougher. But the Washington Redskins linebacker crew was up to the task after being challenged by Washington Redskins inside linebackers coach, Kirk Olivadotti. Fundraiser for Curing Kids Cancer Kirk told his players that.... More »

10 Things That Will Make Life Easier for Busy Sport Parents

Busy Sports parents, do you feel like you’re drowning? Last night I was talking with a sports mom, who was recounting her busy day to me: running from school to home to pre-game drop-off, to home, and back to the game. It made me tired just listening to her! I remember that life. There were....... More »
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Our Top 10 Moments from NBA All-Star Weekend + MORE

The 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend crushed it as usual. From dunks to skills and everything in between, the three-day event in Toronto didn’t disappoint the viewers. Of course, we at CoachUp were a little biased thanks to our friend Stephen Curry competing on both Saturday and Sunday, but we’.... More »

Skip the Mealtime Melodrama


junior football tournaments 1452226004 1500420948 Sports Illustrated’s Podcast Gets Youth Sports Right + MOREAnd Help Kids Make Healthy Choices!
For many families, EVERY meal feels less like a Norman Rockwell painting and more like a battle of epic proportions.  Mealtime is one of the biggest stressors for parents, especially those with little ones.  Why?  Because kids are winning! Think about it – eating is one of the few things kids can legitimately control…

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The New Year was just about a week ago, but now that we’ve all had some time to think about our resolutions and goals for 2016, let’s rewind for a crucial half hour podcast. Sports Illustrated hosts a weekly podcast called This is Your Brain on Sports featuring their executive editor Jon Wertheim and Tufts University psychology professor […] The post Sports Illustrated’s Podcast Gets Youth Sports Right appeared first on CoachUp Blog.

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