Sourcing: A primer on Bleacher Report’s standards for second-hand info + MORE

Sourcing: A primer on Bleacher Report’s standards for second-hand info + MORE
youth football tournaments 1449241645 249972873 Sourcing: A primer on Bleacher Report’s standards for second hand info + MORE

3 Reasons It’s Okay Not to Like Your Child’s Coach + MORE

Yes, you read that right. You don’t have to like your child’s coach.  You don’t have to like the coach’s style, defensive strategy, or offensive game plan.  A coach can totally rub you the wrong way, and you may not even be able to pinpoint exactly why. He or she just does. The bad news....... More »

TRENDS IN SPORTS: Why Running Track is Good for Your Child in So Many Ways

In what has become something of a tradition on NYC Marathon Sunday, I like to spend an hour talking on the air with long-time running coach, Joel Pasternack who is based in northern New Jersey. Joel is a veteran of many marathons, having competed and done very well in his races back in the day. I li.... More »
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Minnesota Gophers Don’t Sit Out NCCA Big Dance + MORE

The NCAA Tournament tips off today with a full schedule of games, and this year a surprise guest is the Minnesota Gophers. With only 7 wins last year, coupled with some off the court troubles, Minnesota wasn’t expected to do much this season. Apparently the word didn’t reach the young team and c.... More »

Here’s Why a Sports Parenting Martyr Complex Doesn’t Work

Sports Parenting sometimes brings out the martyr in even the best of moms or dads. As a parent, do you ever play the martyr in your home? I have to admit that I mastered the role pretty well, and sometimes I’m still tempted to fall back into using it. But the honest truth is, martyr...Read.... More »

TRENDS IN SPORTS: When HS Athletes Protest by Taking a Knee….

So you and your family are sitting down to have dinner this fall, and let’s say your son,  who plays varsity football at your local HS, suddenly announces at the dinner table that he agrees with what Colin Kapaernick is doing in terms of protesting racial bias and oppression in this country ̵.... More »

What Is The Cost For Care?


The fine people over at InjureFree have a wonderful blog post about the cost for care as it relates to athletic trainers.  This is an ABSOLUTE MUST READ for those interested in athletic training at the high school level.  Rather than re-post the entire article I will present you with their infographic and give some […]

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If only you realized where this road would lead. Looking back now, you can clearly see the times you should have turned around. Now it’s done. A line has been crossed and you are in a place you never thought you would be. It’s empty and filled with guilt. You cheated and want to win your wife back…

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Sourcing is an important facet of writing for Bleacher Report. Like most media outlets today, B/R relies heavily on secondhand information, so it’s vital that we attribute our sources properly to give credit where it’s due.
The Attribution Guidelines are a handy reference point, but here we’ll look at those guidelines and expand on some areas where there is occasionally confusion…

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Smart Teams Play Safe–Upcoming Conference


SmartTeams Play Safe™: Protecting the Health & Safety of the Whole Child In Youth Sports By Implementing Best Practices
Monday September 15, 2014
Joseph B. Martin Conference Center
Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts
9:00 am to 6:00 pm.  
Cost: $45…

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