Social Screening is a Slippery Slope (despite what the Carolina Panthers say) + MORE

Social Screening is a Slippery Slope (despite what the Carolina Panthers say) + MORE

ABUSIVE COACHES: The Ongoing Issue of Entitlement with Volunteer Coaches + MORE

Entitlement is another one of those relatively new concepts in youth sports that really didn’t exist when most of today’s sports parents were growing up. Like the concept of travel teams, or burnout, or repetitive use injuries, coaching entitlement is one of those  issues that has sprung up.... More »

Head Games: Athletes and Their Body Images + MORE

To listen to this new podcast series, click on the above arrow. Welcome to Week 3 of Head Games! The mental game of youth sports is key to your child’s success and this week we focus on Athletes and Their Body Images. My co-host for the series is Diane Munoz, counselor, blogger, and recoverin.... More »

HEROIC FANS: Giving Back to the Kids in a Most Unusual Way

 Donating to Youth Before the End of the Year By Doug Abrams Headlines and commentary report adult excesses in youth sports with unfortunate regularity, but sometimes a positive story stays with readers for its inspiration. The staying power may last for years. In 2011, the Simcoe (Ontario, Canada.... More »

New Softball Mom Planner Gets You Organized

The new Softball Mom Planner provides 8 customizable forms for you to stay on top of all the goings on for the season. Things can get hectic with traveling sports, but this tool will keep you organized. The 8 forms are a perfect tool for any parent or coach. You’ll get a pre-season checklist, .... More »

The Way of the Champion

All-American. World-champion. Greatest shooter on the planet. Most Valuable Player…twice. Yes, I am talking about Steph Curry, the all-world guard for the Golden State Warriors. These are the things we all say about him – we all know about him – when the lights are shining brightly.... More »
The Carolina Panthers of the National Football League are making shock-waves this season for their (so far) undefeated season. But a story on the team’s website is capturing our attention for an entirely different reason.
The post, “Scouts Honor: The Importance of Background Checks,” explains in great detail how the team uses players’ social media profiles and posts to screen young athletes to determine if they’re the right fit for the Panthers’ culture…

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We’re adding another tally to our win column! For those who don’t know, CoachUp’s football + fitness coach Tim Hightower is an NFL player once again! Coach Hightower tore his ACL in 2011 and has been has been working on a comeback ever since. With Mark Ingram’s injury leaving the New Orleans Saints in need of a […] The post Touchdown! CoachUp Coach Tim Hightower Returns To The NFL appeared first on CoachUp Blog.

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Does Youth Sports Get the Math All Wrong?


“I did not know there would be math on this test,” is something I say (jokingly) when I get a difficult question at my speaking engagements. Recently, I received an email from a frantic mom, and it got me thinking about math. Yes, math. When it comes to our current sporting environment, I think we often […]

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