Social media makes publishing quickly—and making mistakes—easy + MORE

Social media makes publishing quickly—and making mistakes—easy + MORE

TRAVEL TEAMS: Does the Future of HS Football Reside in Travel Programs? + MORE

For well over a decade, I have predicted that the reach, scope, and growth of travel teams will eventually (and sooner rather than later) overtake traditional HS varsity sports programs. That’s for all HS sports, except for one: football. After all, we have already witnessed HS soccer players .... More »

The Talent That Whispers + MORE

The scouts snickered. They looked at the time again. To this day the 5.28 second 40 yard dash time is one of the slowest for quarterbacks in the history of the NFL combine. His 24.5 inch vertical leap didn’t have them lining up at his door either. He had been a good, but not an The post The Talent.... More »

Only Three Types Of Mouth Guards, Right? Think Again! + MORE

Used to be that there were only three types of mouth guards: off-the-shelf (stock), boil and bite, and custom. Now, says Sassa Akervall, Chief Executive Officer of Sissu Mouth Guards, there is a fourth, one which provides more protection, is lighter, allows a player to breath, and fits so snugly to .... More »

Kids and Sports: 8 Things I Wish I Would Have Known

Kids and Sports–it all sounds so simple. But I’m afraid that the world of youth sports has become full of problems that are hard to solve. One of the unfortunate truths of life is that we usually see the problem and it’s answer very clearly–after the fact. The old adage hin.... More »
junior football tournaments 1412209553 1087621395 Social media makes publishing quickly—and making mistakes—easy + MORE

Youth Sports Hero of the Month: Deven Jackson (Shermans Dale, Pa.) + MORE

About three million youngsters will play youth football in the United States this fall.  Only one received sustained media coverage last month, and it was 10-year-old Deven Jackson, who took the field with the West Perry Midget Football Mustangs after a two-year absence from the gridiron. In 20.... More »
A lot of mistakes happen when you work too quickly. Just ask anyone who showed up on the Marquette campus last week expecting a press conference announcing Shaka Smart as the new men’s basketball coach.
Or anyone at the New York Post, which reported that a body found in a ditch was that of former NBA player Quinton Ross, when in fact it was someone else with the same name…

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national flag football tournament 1396385092 1139653254 Social media makes publishing quickly—and making mistakes—easy + MOREBy Dev K. Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Stanford University
This week we’ll take one final look at a section from the consensus statement in the British Journal of Sports Medicine regarding the benefits of resistance training for young athletes…

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Dad, do your kids say your wardrobe is uncool or boring? While there may be some truth to the complaints about your fashion choices, we think this group of dads is pretty awesome. Watch how they take average to awesome with this commercial for Averagé: America’s Most Popular Clothing Line.
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