Social media and mobile: How people get their news and what they do with it + MORE

Social media and mobile: How people get their news and what they do with it + MORE

ABUSIVE COACHES: Losing One’s Perspective During the Post-Game Handshake + MORE

When Coaches’ Misconduct Disrupts Post-Game Handshake Lines By Doug Abrams Late last month, the Omaha World-Herald reported that police ticketed a 52-year-old coach for suspected assault and battery on a 10-year-old opponent as the teams traded high-fives in the post-game handshake line after a fl.... More »

SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY: Today’s Appearance on The NFL Network + MORE

Just FYI…..many of you know me for my work in the field of sports parenting. But long before I became involved in this area, I did my undergraduate and graduate work in psychology. And I specialized in sports psychology which, back when I was in college, was pretty much an unknown and uncharte.... More »
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Beginner’s Guide: Starting a Sports Blog + MORE

Have you ever been placed in a position where the most important decisions you need to make have to happen before you really have a lay of the land? Maybe you’re hired for an important company position and you have to approve a budget for the year ahead. At the point that you’re hired, y.... More »
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An American National Sport Coaches Association? + MORE

I have been living in Alexandria, Va for the past two years. I quickly recognized that many national and regional associations representing groups of professionals or an industry are headquartered here.  A sampling of my favorites include: There must be dozens more associations like this here in.... More »

How You Can Coach Your Child to Be an Overcomer + MORE

When your child is going through a rough season, you can talk to him until you are blue in the face and still may not feel like he is listening to what you are saying. Unfortunately, our kids can become immune to our encouragements and pep talks and no matter how profound our words are,...Read .... More »

7 Ways to Protect Family Time


Is there a constant battle in your home to protect family time? Or perhaps you’ve not really given it a second thought. You are so caught up in the current of busy-ness–work, kids’ activities, home management, family responsibilities–that the need to protect family time has been no more than a fleeting thought…

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Two quick notes on how people get their news and how they share it.
Pew Research Center recently wrote about some of its findings around How social media is reshaping news:
The ever-growing digital native news world now boasts about 5,000 digital news sector jobs, according to our recent calculations, 3,000 of which are at 30 big digital-only news outlets…

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We wanted to know what music Julian Edelman listens to before a big game to get pumped up. He shared his top 9 songs along with his reasoning for selecting each one. Check out his playlist below, and turn the music up in the headphones the next time you’re training.

1. Trophies- Young Money, Drake
Great beat to this song…

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Self portraits are nothing new. Artists have been doing them for centuries. However, those artists weren’t producing ten an hour and posting them for instant voting results. This is the age of the selfie–my least favorite word in our culture today. Seeing young guys and girls posting provocative pictures of themselves, desperate for attention, is enough to make a parent wish for all social networks to disappear…

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