Social media and mobile: How people get their news and what they do with it + MORE

Social media and mobile: How people get their news and what they do with it + MORE

Making Sleep the “Good Guy” + MORE

How to help kids build a positive relationship to sleep As a parent, how do you feel about sleep? Is it something to look forward to? An activity you value like good food and regular exercise? A treat you’d like to have more of? The answer is probably yes to all of the above—we grown ups wel.... More »

Pop Warner youth football under fire after court allows case to proceed + MORE

In 2011, thirteen year-old Donnovan Hill was paralyzed in a Southern California football game and, as the family says, it was because his coach allegedly taught the youngsters to tackle by leading with their heads. For a while, the claims were dismissed because parents must provide and sign a parti.... More »

ESPN Audio boss says something that explains everything: The listener is in charge

Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated interviewed Traug Keller, who leads ESPN Audio, for, as the headline puts it, “An in-depth look at ESPN Audio and the future of sports talk radio.” It’s a good interview, with Keller talking about ESPN’s top radio personalities, what the .... More »

The Right Way to Look at Winning and Losing in Youth Sports

Enough of this nonsense about not loving to win and not hating to lose. This is competition! It’s what sports is all about!   Learn more about how you can keep your child playing and having fun in youth sports!         Related StoriesHere’s a P.... More »
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When Can I Play Again: Hand Metacarpal Fracture + MORE

By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: Most hand metacarpal fractures in high school aged athletes can be treated in a cast, although in some instances surgery may be needed Cast treatment will typica.... More »

7 Ways to Protect Family Time


Is there a constant battle in your home to protect family time? Or perhaps you’ve not really given it a second thought. You are so caught up in the current of busy-ness–work, kids’ activities, home management, family responsibilities–that the need to protect family time has been no more than a fleeting thought…

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Two quick notes on how people get their news and how they share it.
Pew Research Center recently wrote about some of its findings around How social media is reshaping news:
The ever-growing digital native news world now boasts about 5,000 digital news sector jobs, according to our recent calculations, 3,000 of which are at 30 big digital-only news outlets…

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We wanted to know what music Julian Edelman listens to before a big game to get pumped up. He shared his top 9 songs along with his reasoning for selecting each one. Check out his playlist below, and turn the music up in the headphones the next time you’re training.

1. Trophies- Young Money, Drake
Great beat to this song…

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Self portraits are nothing new. Artists have been doing them for centuries. However, those artists weren’t producing ten an hour and posting them for instant voting results. This is the age of the selfie–my least favorite word in our culture today. Seeing young guys and girls posting provocative pictures of themselves, desperate for attention, is enough to make a parent wish for all social networks to disappear…

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