Snowshoeing for Fun – A Beginner’s Guide + MORE

Snowshoeing for Fun – A Beginner’s Guide + MORE
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The One Question All Coaches Should Ask Their Athletes + MORE

Coaches, imagine if there was a way to gain insight, understanding, and connection with your athletes by asking a simple question? There is. let me explain how. A few years back, I coached a talented, yet underperforming sixteen-year-old girl I will call Maddy. She was incredibly inconsistent in her.... More »

TRENDS IN SPORTS: Why are Fewer Kids Playing Baseball and Softball?

At a sports parenting event this past week in Norwalk, CT, several of the attendees mentioned that in recent years, there’s been a definite downward trend in terms of kids coming out for baseball and softball, especially at the youth levels. That got me thinking, because certainly the populari.... More »

The End of an Era: When a Child Abandons a Sport

This guest post by Laura Amann was originally posted a few years ago on this site, but it is worth a read again.  My days of gymnastics are over. So are my long hours at the gym. My nervousness and anxiety. It’s all in the past. No more ponytails woven with ribbons, no more glitter spray, no mor.... More »
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Resourcefulness: How Parents Help Children Achieve Goals + MORE

When our daughter Sarah was in 7th grade, her Latin Class held student chariot races—reenacting a sport that began in ancient Greece. Sarah’s goal was to build the best chariot so she and her team could win the competition. It was a fun school project, and one that had the potential to help Sara.... More »
Parents have fallen prey to believing a lot of lies and youth sports myths when it comes to their kids. And unfortunately, they have gotten into a myth-believing habit that gets passed down to their children. I’ve listed 8 myths that are easy for young athletes to believe and just as easy for sports parents…

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Living in Minnesota, it can be a long winter unless one embraces the great outdoors. Having enjoyed spring, summer and fall hikes at nearby Lebanon State Park, it was time to see if walking trails could be as enjoyable in the winter. Friends who had recently purchased snowshoes encouraged us to give it a try…

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In a traditional approach, there are specific techniques to help you deal with fears as an athlete. These include “positive self-talk” where you practice coaching yourself through your fear in a positive way, “thought stopping” where you learn to stop the negative, fear-related thoughts, “mental rehearsal” or visualization in which you visualize yourself safely and correctly doing your scary skills while feeling calm and confident, using positive performance cues or “mental choreography” where you have keywords that you repeat in your head, concentration training to help you focus on what you want to have happen, and relaxation techniques to help you calm your fears down…

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How To Deal With Teammates That Bully


national flag football tournament 1487371464 954701174 Snowshoeing for Fun – A Beginner’s Guide + MOREParents: What Can You Do if Your Athlete is Bullied?
In the the video series ” Sessions With Doc,” Dr. Patrick Cohn answers your youth sports psychology and mental training questions that deal with sports parents and the mental game challenges their sports kids have.
Visit and click on contact us to submit your question for Dr…

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flag football tournaments 1487371465 1377672990 Snowshoeing for Fun – A Beginner’s Guide + MOREGiving Youth Sports Back to Kids
“Nine-year-olds have the amazing ability to act like nine-year-olds,” says Bob Bialow, a former NBA players and author of “Just Let The Kids Play,” and, “Youth Sports: Still Failing Out Kids,” in a recent interview for our podcast.
“Most of the folks running youth sports, however, haven’t been 9 in decades and sometimes forget what it’s like to be a kid,” he said…

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