Sneaking Education into Family Fun Vacations + MORE

Sneaking Education into Family Fun Vacations + MORE

“What is the Coach Thinking?” + MORE

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Here’s how you can better understand just exactly what he or she is thinking…     Is it Softball Season in Your House? It is in ours! My 27-year-old is having a blast coaching and we love watching her! But if you are a softball mom, I.... More »

Should You Go to Your Child’s Youth Sports Practices?

There’s been debate over whether youth sports practices should be closed to parents. Here’s my thoughts on parents and practice. Help Me Raise $500 for Caps for Kids! Caps for Kids is a program that gives autographed baseball caps to kids battling cancer. The  caps and autographs are f.... More »

TRAVEL TEAMS: Does the Future of HS Football Reside in Travel Programs? + MORE

For well over a decade, I have predicted that the reach, scope, and growth of travel teams will eventually (and sooner rather than later) overtake traditional HS varsity sports programs. That’s for all HS sports, except for one: football. After all, we have already witnessed HS soccer players .... More »

Bullying in Youth Sports: Confronting this Complicated Problem Head On + MORE

Bullying in Youth Sports: Confronting this Complicated Problem Head On Travel soccer has to be one of the most rewarding experiences for a young child to have. It teaches integrity, team work, competitiveness and helps build lifelong relationships. That’s what can make it so hard to watch your chi.... More »
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Heaven’s Baseball Schedule Expanded

Baseball fans in heaven are excited about the prospect of more doubleheaders, because as Banks said, “It’s a great day for a ball game; let’s play two!” Baseball great Ernie Banks died yesterday at the age of 83. “Mr. Cub” was noted for his sunny disposition, loy.... More »
 1397247358 1187231934 Sneaking Education into Family Fun Vacations + MOREWe are all experts. Sort of.
Why else would we engage our coworkers in a conversation about last night’s basketball game? Why would we debate our peers about the latest acquisition or free-agent signing? Why else do we, as sports fans, use social media?
More than sports news, today’s consumers enjoy a conversation about sports…

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Whatever your financial situation, if you have a family then summer vacation is front and center on your mind. Every family has different plans and ideas. Some go for the most bang for their buck. Some want entertainment value for the kids. Some want educational value. Some just want to relax…

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CoachUp is holding a photoshoot and is looking to cast a number of real athletes. CoachUp is the nation’s number one private coaching company.
The shoot will take place in the Back Bay/Fenway area of Boston on Tuesday and Wednesday 4/22 and 4/23. All participants must be be available the entire day in order to be cast, however participants will likely only have to report for a ½ day…

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