Sneaking Education into Family Fun Vacations + MORE

Sneaking Education into Family Fun Vacations + MORE
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Why is it so Important for Your Child to Learn to Fight For Himself? + MORE

Please excuse the shakiness of this video, but I made it last weekend as I drove across the country from Florida to Oregon with my son, helping him move to a new location. He’s a great young man, I believe in him, he’s strong and he will do well. But it sucks that it’s so very...R.... More »

SPORTS PARENTING: Is It Okay for Our Young Athletes to Fail in Sports?

As many of you know, I was on vacation last week. That break gave me some time to catch up on a lot of email and articles, and during my time off, one parenting column in particular – written by a parenting reporter from CNN, Kelly Wallace —  caught my eye. The column’s headline was: Why .... More »

NFHS Approves Ten Rules Changes For High School Field Hockey + MORE

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  INDIANAPOLIS, IN (February 23, 2015) - With appropriate open space and no players approaching, high school field hockey players will be permitted to raise their sticks above the shoulders to stop, receive and deflect or play the ball. The revision of Rule 3-2-11 was one.... More »

Intel, X Games team up to advance sports technology

Intel, X Games team up to advance sports technology This is a month old, but we’re willing to bet that many of our readers out there missed the incredible sports technology update. For last month’s X Games, they teamed up with Intel to place chips on the competitor’s snowboards. To.... More »

Sourcing: A primer on Bleacher Report’s standards for second-hand info + MORE

Sourcing is an important facet of writing for Bleacher Report. Like most media outlets today, B/R relies heavily on secondhand information, so it’s vital that we attribute our sources properly to give credit where it’s due. The Attribution Guidelines are a handy reference point, but here.... More »
 1397247358 1187231934 Sneaking Education into Family Fun Vacations + MOREWe are all experts. Sort of.
Why else would we engage our coworkers in a conversation about last night’s basketball game? Why would we debate our peers about the latest acquisition or free-agent signing? Why else do we, as sports fans, use social media?
More than sports news, today’s consumers enjoy a conversation about sports…

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Whatever your financial situation, if you have a family then summer vacation is front and center on your mind. Every family has different plans and ideas. Some go for the most bang for their buck. Some want entertainment value for the kids. Some want educational value. Some just want to relax…

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CoachUp is holding a photoshoot and is looking to cast a number of real athletes. CoachUp is the nation’s number one private coaching company.
The shoot will take place in the Back Bay/Fenway area of Boston on Tuesday and Wednesday 4/22 and 4/23. All participants must be be available the entire day in order to be cast, however participants will likely only have to report for a ½ day…

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