Sneaking Education into Family Fun Vacations + MORE

Sneaking Education into Family Fun Vacations + MORE

How to Escape the TV Trap and Limit Screen Time + MORE

  Brad stopped by his friend Steve’s house to drop off some tools he’d borrowed and to enjoy a brief visit. One of Steve’s kids was watching baseball in the kitchen. So they grabbed their coffee and moved into the family room—only to find Steve’s wife was watching a loud sitcom with t.... More »

What do you do when your child’s coach isn’t doing a lot of coaching? + MORE

“My child’s coach doesn’t do much coaching… what do I do?” Here’s how I answered that parent’s questions: Learn More About How You Can be a Sticky Sports Parent!        Related StoriesDon’t Fall for these 10 Youth S.... More »
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The Greatest Fictional Coach Bracket: Final Four + MORE

The Bracket: Week 2 Results (SEE FULL BRACKET) The third week is complete in our search for the greatest fictional coach of all time. We had some more interesting matchups this go round. Four coaches are left. Who will move on to the championship round? Voting Continues Below Gordon Bombay (1) v.... More »
 Sneaking Education into Family Fun Vacations + MORE

For Bleacher Report Featured Columnists, there is no offseason + MORE

With sports consumers seeking out content that isn’t as universally available as it is during the regular and postseasons, the down periods are prime spans to build followings for Featured Columnists. When pro and collegiate leagues are in the beef of their schedules, the competition is heavy for .... More »

LEGAL CONCERNS: Allowing Retired Coaches to Continue on the Job – Common Sense Wins the Day + MORE

Sensible New Jersey Law Permits Retired Coaches to Continue Coaching By Doug Abrams   On July 30, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed a bill that, effective immediately, permits interscholastic teacher-coaches to continue coaching without interruption when they retire as teachers. For con.... More »
 1397247358 1187231934 Sneaking Education into Family Fun Vacations + MOREWe are all experts. Sort of.
Why else would we engage our coworkers in a conversation about last night’s basketball game? Why would we debate our peers about the latest acquisition or free-agent signing? Why else do we, as sports fans, use social media?
More than sports news, today’s consumers enjoy a conversation about sports…

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Whatever your financial situation, if you have a family then summer vacation is front and center on your mind. Every family has different plans and ideas. Some go for the most bang for their buck. Some want entertainment value for the kids. Some want educational value. Some just want to relax…

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CoachUp is holding a photoshoot and is looking to cast a number of real athletes. CoachUp is the nation’s number one private coaching company.
The shoot will take place in the Back Bay/Fenway area of Boston on Tuesday and Wednesday 4/22 and 4/23. All participants must be be available the entire day in order to be cast, however participants will likely only have to report for a ½ day…

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