Seven Tips For Healthy Weight Gain + MORE

Seven Tips For Healthy Weight Gain + MORE

Two Ways for Your Young Athlete to Face Pain

Is your young athlete facing pain right now? Maybe they are not getting the playing time they want, having trouble getting along with teammates, at odds with their coach, or disappointed with their own performance. The pain of disappointments and frustrations are inevitable in youth sports and you a.... More »

TRENDS IN SPORTS: How Do You Explain “Tanking” to Kids? + MORE

I suspect that these kinds of conversations will become more common in the next few years: “Coach, the best team in the tournament is in our bracket. But if we somehow figure out a way to lose our next game, we will then go into the loser’s bracket… and then we can bypass playing the top s.... More »

CLUB TEAMS: Are They Really the Future of Youth Sports in the US?

In light of all the debate and feedback I received in recent weeks  regarding the growing and game-changing impact that pay-for-play club teams are having on youth sports in this country, I thought we’d take a step ahead – and begin to think about what this will mean and how youth sports are go.... More »

ATHLETIC DIRECTORS: Why are So Many Long-Time Coaches Being Let Go at Scarsdale High School? + MORE

Something very curious has been happening at prestigious Scarsdale (NY) HS over the last couple of years. Despite having some very successful athletic programs, at least half a dozen experienced head varsity coaches have been let go. And in all of the cases, nobody knows why. Even some of the dismis.... More »

CLUB TEAMS: How They Are Redefining Youth Sports in America

A week or so ago, there was an excellent in-depth article entitled EMPTY BASES in the March issue of NEW JERSEY Monthly Magazine ( that really deserves some discussion. In short, the article focused on the growing and devastating impact that club teams are having on local youth and rec.... More »
Making a half-court basketball shot is no small feat. When James Meirgerd, an 18 year-old Nebraska high school student with Down syndrome, made his shot it was at halftime of a varsity game, someone captured it on film. And you know what happens to a good story in this day and age: it went viral. […] The post Nebraska Student Shows Harlem Globetrotters How To Shoot appeared first on Sports Feel Good Stories.

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"No matter what I eat, I can’t seem to gain

"What about those weight gain powders … do they

"How much more protein should I eat to help me
bulk up?" 

two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, a handful of skinny
people – including many athletes – feel very frustrated by their seeming inability
to gain weight…

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Athletes tend to do a
good job of training their muscles, heart and lungs. But some of them
(particularly endurance athletes and those in running sports) commonly fail to
train their gut. As one marathoner reported, "I was so afraid of getting diarrhea during long training runs
that I did not eat or drink anything beforehand…

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