Revisiting the Head First Slide and Breakaway Base Debates + MORE

Revisiting the Head First Slide and Breakaway Base Debates + MORE

Pitcher Puts Celebration On Hold To Console Friend

Watching high school sportsmanship on display can make nearly anyone a sports fan. There is a reason why fans are mesmerized by the world of sports. What makes sports so enchanting and so absorbing is not just the wins and losses, but also the how players play the game. That was on vivid display at .... More »
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The One Question All Coaches Should Ask Their Athletes + MORE

Coaches, imagine if there was a way to gain insight, understanding, and connection with your athletes by asking a simple question? There is. let me explain how. A few years back, I coached a talented, yet underperforming sixteen-year-old girl I will call Maddy. She was incredibly inconsistent in her.... More »
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Green Spaces as Habitats for Kids, Families, and Mobile Devices

Do you have green spaces within walking, driving, or public transport distance from your home? If you’re looking for positive ways to feel connected as a family, it’s time to get yourselves and your kids outdoors—into green spaces, parks, beaches, forests, backyards, and neighborhoods! The lat.... More »

PARENTS V. COACHES: Coping with Parental Expectations for their Athletes

I’ve given this a great deal of thought, and of all the crucial issues confronting youth and amateur sports, I think the growing concern of coping with unrealistic parental expectations may be at the very epicenter of all the problems that coaches and parents face today. Yes, of course, issues.... More »

BOOK REVIEW: HEMORRHOIDS AT HALFTIME -An Insider’s View of High School Athletics

Over the course of my doing my radio show over the years, I have assembled a pretty substantial library of books on sports in this country. Many of these works are written by dedicated individuals who share my passion and concern for what’s happening to kids in sports. And the vast majority of the.... More »

A Final Game of H-O-R-S-E


A few years back, my wife Lauren and I took our kids back for one final visit to her childhood home in Fairport, NY. Her parents were preparing to sell their house and move to a warmer climate, and we took the opportunity to fly across the country to say some final goodbyes to the
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national youth football tournaments 1502253851 1586316585 Revisiting the Head First Slide and Breakaway Base Debates + MOREBy Dev K. Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University
Key Points:

A recent study shows that head first sliding has a higher injury risk than feet first sliding
Additionally, breakaway bases also reduce injury risk from sliding
Breakaway bases are required in Little League Baseball but have not yet been required by Major League Baseball

Mike Trout now wears a protective mitt on his hand when running the bases…

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