Resistance Training Guidelines For Children and Adolescents + MORE

Resistance Training Guidelines For Children and Adolescents + MORE
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Young Japanese Woman Breaks Into Australian Rugby + MORE

Rugby is one of the most important and most followed sports in Australia. But for a young Japanese woman to make an inspirational career in rugby is something unheard of. This is the story of Ayane Hirata, who has gone on to inspire so many Japanese women that there are so many who are following on .... More »

Weightlifting For Youth: Can Be Safe and Enjoyable, Expert Panel Says + MORE

  Participation in the sport of weightlifting and the performance of weightlifting movements as part of a strength and conditioning program can be safe, effective and enjoyable for children for children and adolescents, says a new position statement by an international panel of experts, as l.... More »
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Timing ACL Surgery For High School Athletes + MORE

By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: It’s very important to discuss timing of ACL surgery with your orthopedic surgeon I recommend looking out over your calendar and working backwards one year fro.... More »
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Have You Given Up on Your 2014 Goals Already? + MORE

  The first quarter of 2014 is almost over. Wow! By now you are either well on your way to accomplishing everything you set out to do, or you’re coming up a little short. Hopefully the former, but the following info says probably not. Research reported in Forbes suggests that only 8% of peopl.... More »
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6 Tips for Raising Independent Children

As parents, it feels good—great even —when our kids NEED us. When they turn to us for guidance, affection, even that peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Those are all good things. We do have to remind ourselves, however, our long-term parenting goal is to guide our kids from being totally depen.... More »

designed and supervised resistance training programs can benefit youth of all ages, but the focus for children should be based on building muscle strength, function, and control, not on increasing muscle size, says a new international consensus statement. (Loyd RS, et al 2014)

Children as young as 5-6 years of age making noticeable improvements
in muscular fitness following exposure to basis resistance training
using free weights, elastic resistance bands and machine weights, the statement says…

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There is now a compelling body of scientific evidence that resistance training by children and adolescents can have positive effects on health and fitness and enhance sports performance. 
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If you’ve got a little time, here’s some heavy reading that I think you’ll find interesting. It’s a keynote speech by Steve Buttry, Digital Transformation Editor at the news publishing company Digital First Media, at a Digital Journalism Ethics Symposium last week at the University of Colorado…

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When we were kids, we played in the dirt all the time. We got our hands dirty and played with bugs. Kids today are more inclined to stay clean, inside the house. Instead, encourage your kids to get out and get their hands dirty. Teach them to enjoy all of God’s creation by getting out there and experiencing it firsthand…

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