Research Papers and Peer-Reviewed Studies: A World of Difference + MORE

Research Papers and Peer-Reviewed Studies: A World of Difference + MORE
youth football tournaments 1449241645 249972873 Research Papers and Peer Reviewed Studies: A World of Difference + MORE

3 Reasons It’s Okay Not to Like Your Child’s Coach + MORE

Yes, you read that right. You don’t have to like your child’s coach.  You don’t have to like the coach’s style, defensive strategy, or offensive game plan.  A coach can totally rub you the wrong way, and you may not even be able to pinpoint exactly why. He or she just does. The bad news....... More »

The Power of Hightower: Coach Tim just keeps on runnin’ + MORE

A few weeks ago, we were so pleased to support one of our very own as Tim Hightower returned to the NFL with the New Orleans Saints. Back then, a slew of injuries to the New Orleans Saints’ running backs gave Coach Tim a golden opportunity to prove that he was ready to contribute once again..... More »

At-Home Workout, Vol 1 + What To Watch + MORE

At-Home Workout Halloween is finally upon us, but if you’re worried about all those chocolates and sweets, we’ve got the perfect At-Home Workout for you to take advantage of on Sunday! All of our workouts focus on delivering fun, calorie-burning activities that don’t require an exp.... More »
kids football tournaments 1439951442 1170114355 Research Papers and Peer Reviewed Studies: A World of Difference + MORE

Why should you care about sports science? + MORE

By John Cone, PhD, CSCS Founder and President, FitFor90 Key Points: At Sideline Sports Doc, we try whenever possible to use an “evidence based” approach to youth sports health and this week we feature an article by John Cone, who uses scientific evidence to support his athlete training and reco.... More »
junior football tournaments 1424379566 761793729 Research Papers and Peer Reviewed Studies: A World of Difference + MORE

Teaching Young Athletes How To Refocus When Distracted + MORE

With spring almost here and sports kids spending more time outside, young athletes may be distracted by a number of things. When they’re outside, bad weather, mud, barking dogs, birds and other distractions may pull their focus away when playing sports. When kids are distracted, they can’t f.... More »
youth flag football tournaments 1393413414 233255511 Research Papers and Peer Reviewed Studies: A World of Difference + MOREWe caught up with authors Nolan McMonagle and Mike O’Halloran for a Q & A session to discuss their new MVP Offseason Workouts for Basketball e-book:
Sports Feel Good Stories (SFGS):  Who should be using these basketball workouts?
Nolan McMonagle:  The workout plans were designed for youth basketball players, ages 10 – 17 years old, who have played on a team before…

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April 16 and 17 in Washington DC – make your plans now!  Visit Site HERE. Now in its 4th year, Arrowhead’s Annual TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY CONFERENCE  brings together researchers and clinicians from industry, academia, the military and government to present ground-breaking research in a variety of areas related to traumatic brain injury, including: Neuroimaging Clinical Trial Design Cognitive […]

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She was a miracle from the first time his bewildered eyes saw her and she was placed in his arms. Tears poured down his cheeks as he promised her he would always protect her from the world. Now she’s a girl quickly growing into a woman, and the pledge he made in that moment is as strong today in his heart as the day he made it…

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According to a recent article, a "debate is stirring about whether ice – for decades a medicinal tool employed by physicians, athletic trainers and soccer moms alike – is effective in limiting swelling and enabling athletes to return to action." 
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Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most. Here’s how one dad’s simple gesture touched his daughter. Make the most of each day you have with your children; they’ll be grown up before you know it.

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Throwing From The Ground Up

flag football tournament 1393413404 1155969416 Research Papers and Peer Reviewed Studies: A World of Difference + MOREBy Dev K. Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
To most observers baseball pitching looks like it’s an upper body activity. However, researchers have found that like many rotational movements such as golf swings and tennis serves, it involves the lower body and trunk musculature extensively. In fact, our most current knowledge of the motions required in throwing suggests that the action starts from the ground and works its way up…

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Last week, we posted to the site a group of four articles about a peer-reviewed study in the Journal of Neurosurgery showing that football helmet design affected concussion risk among a large group (or what scientists call a "cohort") of college football players.
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Helmet Minutia: What you need to know


I was dropped a line from a source back home (OK my dad) about reports recently on the news in Denver.  Here is the LINK to the 9news story that prompted my father to send the info.  I found the report very informative and brought forth many angles on the story of helmets. Meanwhile I […]

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