Regifted Baseball is Crowd Pleaser + MORE

Regifted Baseball is Crowd Pleaser + MORE
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8 Steps to Seamless Youth Sports Fundraising + MORE

This post is sponsored by TeamSnap, a company that does its very best to make back-to-school sports as easy as possible by providing the best tools to help teams and parents run their organizations smoothly. It’s back-to-school time! And one of the first orders of business for sports teams wi.... More »
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Sports Parents: Do Your Kids Want Your Approval?

Pressure And Social Approval Often, young athletes worry too much about what teammates, parents, coaches and friends think about how they’re performing on the court, field or course. When they seek others’ approval of their performance and abilities, and then don’t do well, they can feel inad.... More »
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Focus on Fun For Your Athletes, Not Scholarships

Helping Kids Experience The Benefits of Youth Sports “If your overriding goal for youth sports is a Division I scholarship, you need to rethink your priorities,” said Larry Stone, a sports parent for 27 years in a recent column that appeared in the Seattle Times. “First of all, it.... More »

PITCH COUNTS: Brand New Pitch Limits Start This Spring All Over the Country: Be Forewarned!

PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL PITCH COUNTS TO GO INTO EFFECT THIS SEASON By Steve Kallas In July 2016, the National Federation of State High School Associations (“NFHS”) announced that, beginning with the 2017 spring baseball season, each state member would have to institute a pitch count rule for high sch.... More »
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SPORT SAFETY: Early Morning Practices/Games Can Bring Unforeseen Dangers + MORE

  Early-Morning Practices and Games Raise Safety Questions By Doug Abrams   Earlier this month, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) reaffirmed that “chronic sleep loss and associated sleepiness are a serious threat to the academic success, health, and safety of our nation’s youth.” .... More »
youth football tournaments 1402500189 428129934 Regifted Baseball is Crowd Pleaser + MOREBy Dev K. Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University

Ok, even the most diehard Miami Heat fans must have thought the photos of various people “Lebroning” were a little bit funny. But the reality is that a severe muscle cramp and heat illness can be very serious…

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When I met PolicyMic co-founder and CEO Chris Altchek a few years ago, he described the site as “Bleacher Report for politics,” so I’ve kept an eye on it ever since. The site focuses on news for the “millennial” generation, which is also B/R’s core audience, though unlike PolicyMic, we don’t state that as an explicit goal…

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Confession: I’ve noticed I don’t do much for my dad on Father’s Day. At best, he gets a card or a call. For most of us, this is okay because we don’t need a lot of stuff. As my dad and I have gotten older, I realize our time is limited. I want him to know he’s important.
This year I’m changing things…

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Regifted Baseball is Crowd Pleaser


youth football tournaments 1402500191 240732104 Regifted Baseball is Crowd Pleaser + MOREA souvenir baseball was a gift 3 times at Wrigley Field last Sunday when the Cubs hosted the Marlins.
A Cubs fan couldn’t haul in a foul ball in the right field bleachers hit by Marlins Marcell Ozuna in the 5th inning. The fan dropped the ball and it fell back into right-field. Chicago Cubs right fielder Nate Schierholtz retrieved the ball and distributed the ball as the first gift when he tossed it back into the crowd…

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