Pregame Mental Preparation For Kids + MORE

Pregame Mental Preparation For Kids + MORE

One Word That Will Raise Your Child’s Game + MORE

Is your child struggling? Maybe he’s in a slump, or perhaps she’s feeling unmotivated. I’d like to tell you about one word that will raise your child’s game. I saw my kids struggle several times through the years as they played. And it wasn’t because they didn’t w.... More »

WOC #19 Sam Walker, Best Selling Author of The Captain Class, The counterintuitive leadership qualities of the men and women who led the greatest teams of all time. + MORE

What do the Collingwood Magpies, the New Zealand All Blacks, Barcelona Football Club and the New York Yankees have in common? They’re all members of author Sam Walker’s list of the 16 greatest sports teams ever. It’s not the talent, the coach, or the strategy that made these teams great –.... More »
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Turf Toe Injuries

By Amol Saxena, DPM Podiatric Surgeon, Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Palo Alto California Consulting Physician, USA Track and Field   The term “Turf toe” originally was used to describe injuries of the big toe joint sustained by American football players on artificial turf in the 1970s. The.... More »
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Helping Kids Find the All-Elusive Zone + MORE

Helping Sports Kids Boost Their Focus An athlete’s most focused state is sometimes called “the zone.” When athletes are in the zone, they are totally involved in the game at hand, completely concentrated on what they are doing with no care or thought as to what else is going on around.... More »

5 Things Any Parent Can Do at Home to Help Make the Next Sports Season Your Child’s Best

This post is sponsored by CoachTube, a marketplace for learning and teaching online sports where athletes and coaches are mastering new skills taught by the top 1% of coaches.   Many parents assume that the season will be shaped solely by what happens at their child’s practice. But the h.... More »
NBA Title Favorites: Who They Are + Why They’ll Win (or Lose) Undoubtedly, the biggest story of this NBA offseason has been the saga of Kevin Durant. Amidst the fireworks and barbecues across the country, Durant announced his (heavily criticized) decision to sign with the Golden State Warriors on July 4th…

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Pregame Mental Preparation For Kids


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Pregame Mistakes Kids Make
Just before a game, kids can derail their mental game by failing to trust in all that they’ve learned in practice.
Without trust in what they’ve learned, kids are more likely to play tentatively and to avoid making mistakes.
Instead, we want your young athletes to trust in all they’ve learned and play freely, with confidence!
Just before a game, kids should accept that they can’t be perfect…

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