Pregame Mental Preparation For Kids + MORE

Pregame Mental Preparation For Kids + MORE

TRENDS IN SPORTS: What Parents Need to Know about Youth Hockey + MORE

I really can’t recall the last time I did a WFAN show on the sport of youth and travel team hockey. Which is curious, because for years, ice hockey was the poster child for everything that was wrong about over-the-top and obnoxious sports parents…concerns about a kid’s playing time…t.... More »

COLLEGE RECRUITING: Parents, Athletes Need to Do Their Homework

If there is one topic that sports parents (and their athletes) are desperate to always find out more information, it’s the increasingly complex world of college recruiting. Now, the irony is that even though you would assume that the recruiting process would become easier over the last 20 year.... More »
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The One Question All Coaches Should Ask Their Athletes + MORE

Coaches, imagine if there was a way to gain insight, understanding, and connection with your athletes by asking a simple question? There is. let me explain how. A few years back, I coached a talented, yet underperforming sixteen-year-old girl I will call Maddy. She was incredibly inconsistent in her.... More »
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How Do Parental Expectations Hurt Young Athletes? + MORE

 How High Expectations Lead to Pressure in Young Athletes A recent NCAA poll of more than 21,000 current college athletes shed some interesting light on how pressured these athletes feel about making it big. The data, from NCAA’s GOALS Study of the Student-Athlete experience, and just reported in.... More »

Athletic Trainers' Group Issues Position Statement On The Use Of Mouthguards In Preventing Dental Injuries

With increased participation in high school and college sports, and injuries, including to the teeth, on the rise as well, the National Athletic Trainers' Assocaition has issued new guidelines (1) on how to prevent and manage sport-related dental and oral injuries through the use of mouthguards. .... More »
NBA Title Favorites: Who They Are + Why They’ll Win (or Lose) Undoubtedly, the biggest story of this NBA offseason has been the saga of Kevin Durant. Amidst the fireworks and barbecues across the country, Durant announced his (heavily criticized) decision to sign with the Golden State Warriors on July 4th…

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Pregame Mental Preparation For Kids


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Pregame Mistakes Kids Make
Just before a game, kids can derail their mental game by failing to trust in all that they’ve learned in practice.
Without trust in what they’ve learned, kids are more likely to play tentatively and to avoid making mistakes.
Instead, we want your young athletes to trust in all they’ve learned and play freely, with confidence!
Just before a game, kids should accept that they can’t be perfect…

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