Predictions: You can’t be afraid to be wrong + MORE

Predictions: You can’t be afraid to be wrong + MORE

A Beginner’s Guide to Sports Parenting

Sports parenting is as easy as signing your child up and getting him to practice, right? If this is your child’s first, second, or even third year of playing youth sports, then you are still relatively new to the game. It may seem easy, and you may think, This is great! This is fun! WhereR.... More »


Today is the day I’m going to talk about sports psychology. Many of you know me as primarily focusing on sports parenting issues, having written youth sports columns for a decade for Sports Illustrated, and of course, doing my Sports Edge show on WFAN Radio for the last 20 years. But before I went.... More »

SPORTSMANSHIP: When HS Coaches Play To Lose…..

 How Youth Coaches Can Lose Players’ Respect Quickly:  Throw a Game By Doug Abrams  In Tennessee girls basketball action last week, Riverdale High School faced Smyrna High School in a district tournament match-up.  Both teams tried their hardest all game. The trouble was that, obeying their he.... More »
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Help Kids Improve Their Focus Before Competition

Parents: Help Kids Boost Pregame Concentration Just before kids compete, they need to focus as much as possible on what’s happening right now, not on the past or future. They will do better if they can avoid focusing on common distractions–what others think of them, the score, the win, or pa.... More »
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How Do Parental Expectations Hurt Young Athletes? + MORE

 How High Expectations Lead to Pressure in Young Athletes A recent NCAA poll of more than 21,000 current college athletes shed some interesting light on how pressured these athletes feel about making it big. The data, from NCAA’s GOALS Study of the Student-Athlete experience, and just reported in.... More »

Despite the work delays, school cancellations and traffic standstills, snow days can be a surprisingly productive opportunity to build upon your child’s social, emotional learning and resilience skills. After all, these skills help children not only in school but also in life – now and for their future…

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I used to be one of those guys who said “Valentine’s Day is just a ‘Hallmark Holiday,’ which was created to increase sales.” My thoughts were, “if I loved my wife and kids well throughout the year, then this ‘made up holiday’ shouldn’t even be a big deal.” Boy was I wrong!
So what if Valentine’s Day is a cleverly crafted marketing idea…

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 Predictions: You can’t be afraid to be wrong + MORE
Growing up I was the sports nerd of my class. I would make endless predictions for people, hoping I’d be right. I loved watching analysts make their own calls on teams, scores and more, and I wanted to be like them.
As I got older, I would go on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace and post my bold predictions without a worry in the world…

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kids football tournaments 1392450259 1325795382 Predictions: You can’t be afraid to be wrong + MOREThere are a few things that many of the Olympians competing in Sochi share in common. Take a look at Jamie Anderson, Patrick Kane, and Ted Ligety. Jamie Anderson is only 23 years old and she just won the gold medal in one of the newest Winter Olympic events, Ladies Snowboarding Slopestyle. Patrick Kane has won two Stanley Cups, a Conn Smythe trophy, and played a key role in USA’s silver medal against Canada in the 2010 Olympics…

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