Performance is a Behavior, NOT an Outcome! + MORE

Performance is a Behavior, NOT an Outcome! + MORE
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Help Sports Kids Overcome Social Approval

Boosting Confidence in Young Athletes A young athlete writes: “I am a badminton player and I am finding it really hard to not get shaky or lose confidence when in a game if I miss a shot, my coach keeps telling me that I am I good player and I should believe in myself but then I just get more.... More »
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Keeping Sports Kids Motivated After Injuries

Regaining Confidence After Injury A sports parent asks: “How do my children stay motivated while coming back from a sports injury? They tend to play very conservatively and find it harder to work as hard or be as enthusiastic when coming back from such an injury.” Often when your kids a.... More »
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Coming Back From: Knee Meniscus Surgery

By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: Recovery is highly variable, but generally speaking most young athletes can return to sprinting, cutting, and jumping sports at about 6 weeks after partial menis.... More »

How to Completely Change the Way You Look at Youth Sports

Are you content with your child’s youth sports experience? Here’s how you can tell if you are: You don’t stress about playing time or position. You can sit down and enjoy the game without getting upset at someone. You are not counting the days until the season ends. You are not nag.... More »

Why Your Child’s Failure is the Key to Success

One of the hardest parts of being a sports mom was watching my kids experience failure at something they’d worked so hard to achieve. It’s often painful for parents to watch their child’s growing-up process because that almost always includes watching their child’s failure. W.... More »

Performance is a Behavior, NOT an Outcome!


Last week I received the following email (edited for anonymity). We get calls and emails like this quite often from amazing, passionate coaches who are trying to make a difference. Take a read: Dear John, I’m currently a head football coach…I took over the program last January after being on staff for the previous 10
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Setting Team Goals as a Parent-Coach
A sports parent asks:
“As a parent and a coach, how should I handle performing both duties simultaneously to help all the kids as much as possible?”
Being a coach and parent can breed many issues that you need to be aware of from day one…
The first issue you need to tackle is the expectation that you’ll favor your child…

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