Our Favorite Basketball Player and Your Kids’ Confidence + MORE

Our Favorite Basketball Player and Your Kids’ Confidence + MORE

HEROIC ATHLETES/COACHES: Rob Nelson and the Big League Chew Story

Every so often I hear a story that is so remarkable that I feel obliged to share it. And in this case, Rob Nelson – aka “Nellie” – happens to be an old teammate of mine from the college summer leagues. In short, Nellie was a soft-tossing left-handed pitcher out of Cornell who.... More »
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Best Basketball Slogans + MORE

The best basketball slogans can bring a team together, unify a fan base and provide a rallying cry during the toughest moments of the season.  Slogans can be shared at the start of the season, during the season or as a way to capture the team’s efforts at the season-ending party. We scoured s.... More »

5 Family Financial Priorities + MORE

  According to a recent article in the Dallas Morning News, the top financial priority of American families is to simply get caught up on the bills. This is complicated by a record number of Americans completely out of the work force and not actively seeking employment. The new jobs being crea.... More »
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Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith on the changes in media and journalism + MORE

Buzzfeed editor in chief Ben Smith visited the Nieman Foundation at Harvard back in February and gave a talk about the state of online media. As we discuss all the time around here, online media changes quickly, and it’s been five months, but I think we can still derive some value out of this .... More »

Sports Psychology Secrets: Taking a Moment to Reflect on Serena Williams’ Meltdown at the US Open

Like millions of sports viewers worldwide, I happened to tune into the finals of the women’s tennis championship at the US Open yesterday – and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. If you haven’t seen the video by now (although I assume if you follow sports, you probably hav.... More »
national youth football championships 1389990034 2121594555 Our Favorite Basketball Player and Your Kids’ Confidence + MOREThe NFL is a quarterback league.  Passing reigns supreme.  QB’s touch the ball on virtually every offensive play for a team.  Acting like coaches, quarterbacks are generals on the field of play.  They act as spokespeople for their team off the field.  They embody what the team is all about…

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College basketball season is in full swing, but one of our favorite players is not out on the court.  If you have never heard of Jason McElwain, you’ll want to take 5 minutes and watch his amazing basketball heroics.  Can you infuse this same amount of confidence in your children even when they face what seem insurmountable obstacles?  Here are 10 ways to raise confident kids…

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I have two daughters. Both played competitive sports. My hope for them when they were younger and now as young women, is that they be strong, self-assured individuals in the world who carry the belief that they can do ANYTHING that they set their mind to. And, most important, that they have the self-respect and courage to speak up, take care of themselves and not allow themselves to be abused in any situation…

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kids football tournaments 1389990043 611526281 Our Favorite Basketball Player and Your Kids’ Confidence + MOREWhen I first got into sportswriting, I thought I had to generate content faster than everyone else, especially when it came to reporting news. I always thought getting news out first was the best way to build an audience, but that isn’t always the case.
As part of the Bleacher Report Advanced Program in Sports Media, I’ve learned to slow down and focus more on the quality of my arguments…

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flag football tournament 1389990046 849948769 Our Favorite Basketball Player and Your Kids’ Confidence + MOREFor many parents, sending their kids off to practice for some type of organized sports team is both a mundane and expected part of family life.  It is nice to be reminded that those opportunities aren’t always available for a vast majority of aspiring athletes.  Economic challenges, parent commitments or even modes of transportation can keep the next Kyrie Irving or Damian Lillard out of the gym…

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