One Thing You Need to Know: Always take time to copy edit your work + MORE

One Thing You Need to Know: Always take time to copy edit your work + MORE

Youth Sports Safety: Your Top 6 Concerns + MORE

This post is sponsored by SPRTID, a player safety app that provides important medical information for coaches and teams to help them keep young players safe. Each year, more than 3.5 million children, ages 14 and under get hurt playing sports or engaging in recreational activities. (StanfordChildre.... More »

How to Completely Change the Way You Look at Youth Sports

Are you content with your child’s youth sports experience? Here’s how you can tell if you are: You don’t stress about playing time or position. You can sit down and enjoy the game without getting upset at someone. You are not counting the days until the season ends. You are not nag.... More »

6 Things Great Sports Parents Know and Do for their Kids

This post is sponsored by Ertheo, an organization that helps parents find opportunities to help their children grow, focusing on great summer camp experiences.   There are millions of sports parents in the world today, but how many of could actually be described as great sports parents?  .... More »

Could Rats Help Discover the Healthiest Form of Exercise?

A new study published in the Journal of Physiology and then written about by The New York Times is making waves for its intriguing look at the human mind and exercise. In which, the researchers injected a group of male rats with a substance that helps understand the effects of exercise on the brai.... More »
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Helping Young Athletes Cope with Pregame Distractions + MORE

Help Sports Kids Focus Before Games Let’s say you’re getting your sports kids ready for a soccer game. But a number of unforeseen events pop up. First, you can’t find their uniforms, and have to borrow some from the coach. Next, you arrive at the game, and it’s pouring—even though it was .... More »
nfl flag football tournament 1393676149 1848273330 One Thing You Need to Know: Always take time to copy edit your work + MOREMany kids (especially teens) suffer from anxiety. One of their biggest causes of anxiety: what others think of them. In sports, this is a big issue. Kids spend a lot of time worrying about what their peers, parents or coaches will think of their performance.
For young athletes, this can be a real confidence buster…

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Meeting deadlines is crucial in sports journalism. Readers want content immediately after a game or it becomes irrelevant. In-depth analysis of a player is only important while the athlete is either struggling or excelling.
But it’s just as important for the article to be engaging and grammatically correct…

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