On The Road Again: A Report From The Concussion Summit Trail + MORE

On The Road Again: A Report From The Concussion Summit Trail + MORE

Coach Spotlight Series: Getting Coached Up With Brandon Ball

CoachUp Featured on NECN! A few weeks ago, CoachUp was lucky enough to be featured on NECN’s CEO Corner so we could dish on our company, goals, and achievements. If you haven’t checked out the first video with our very own John Kelley, head here to watch that in all its glory! However, .... More »

How the Hard Work of Youth Sports is Still Fun

This post is sponsored by Genius of Play, a one-stop source for play ideas that build real skills. There is rarely anything fun about the hard work of youth sports. Although hard work and fun can co-exist in youth sports, let’s not sugar coat the sweat, the sore muscles, and the exhaustion that yo.... More »

I Want to Invite You to Help Me Spread the Positive in Youth Sports! + MORE

Take a few minutes to watch this video. I have something very important to share with you!        Related StoriesHow You Can Spread the Positive in Youth Sports11 Ways You Can Push for Safety in Youth Sports3 Facts Your Elementary Child’s Sports Coach Wants.... More »

What’s Your Family’s Summertime Strategy?

Summertime brings vacations, camps, lots of outdoor fun, and of course, the inevitable sound of your child saying, “I’m bored!” I do not advocate filling every moment of your child’s summer; in fact, I think “boredom” every now and then is good for kids because it.... More »
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Mission Summer: Pass on Your Family Tradition + MORE

  When I was young my family took an annual trip to the New Jersey shore.  One of my favorite things we did was we would get up early and walk to the local donut place.  It was one of those mom and pop places where they would let their customers watch them make the donuts.  Then we would all.... More »

The National Federation of State High School Association (NFHS) has made several changes to its rules governing Spirit.  The changes, recommended by its Spirit Rules Committee, are designed to minimize risk during inverted stunts and will govern the sport during the 2014-2015 academic year…

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For those of you wondering where I have been lately, I have been taking a break from blogging and writing because of a heavy speaking and consulting schedule, because I have been busy working on updating our documentary, "The Smartest Team: Making High School Football Safer" with new edits and information in time for broadcast in the summer and fall 2014, and because  I have been preoccupied with getting our new 501(c)(3) non-profit, MomsTEAM Institute, off to a good start…

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