On-Field Injury Recognition: If Not Now, Then When? + MORE

On-Field Injury Recognition: If Not Now, Then When? + MORE

RecruitLook: NCAA updates social media recruiting rules

NCAA updates social media recruiting rules reposted from our partners at RecruitLook Social media in college recruiting has become too big for the NCAA to control. The solution? Change the rules for how college coaches can interact with potential prospects on social media. The NCAA could no longer e.... More »

5 Tips For Parenting A Scholar And An Athlete

By Taayoo A. Murray  In the Caribbean, there is an expression, "Seven brothers, seven different minds". As parents, we often try to fit our children into molds. The belief is that if we know where they fit, we can better parent them. As a mom of boys with two distinctly different pe.... More »

March Madness Terms: Understanding The Big Dance

The NCAA Basketball Tournament is a big deal, and understanding March Madness terms will help you talk conversationally with most basketball fans. The annual, three-week NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament accounts for over 85% of the NCAA’s annual revenues. It’s estimated that some $9 bil.... More »

CoachUp’s Pump-Up Playlist #2 + MORE

CoachUp’s Pump-Up Playlist #2 About a month ago, we asked some of our most esteemed coaches and employees to weigh in on their favorite pump-up songs. It was a smashing success, so we’re bringing it back for another edition! While your fall sports are nearing the playoff push, it’s.... More »

Athletic Trainers' Group Issues Position Statement On The Use Of Mouthguards In Preventing Dental Injuries

With increased participation in high school and college sports, and injuries, including to the teeth, on the rise as well, the National Athletic Trainers' Assocaition has issued new guidelines (1) on how to prevent and manage sport-related dental and oral injuries through the use of mouthguards. .... More »
flag football tournaments 1473797330 1604527644 On Field Injury Recognition: If Not Now, Then When? + MOREBy Dev K. Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University
Key Points:

A recently published study provides a 25 year data analysis of emergency department visits for injuries from youth soccer and shows a year to year significant increase in injuries of all types, especially concussion
In spite of excellent efforts at rules changes, better equipment, and training methods injuries in youth soccer will still happen
A coach as first responder on the field of play is best equipped to provide basic injury recognition that will positively effect an athlete’s health

A comprehensive and well-conducted study on injury rates in youth soccer was published online yesterday in the journal Pediatrics…

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national youth football championships 1473797328 1274351728 On Field Injury Recognition: If Not Now, Then When? + MORESuccessful kids get excellent grades, right? They play at least one sport very well.
Successful kids do regular community service and, of course, take Advanced Placement courses. They attend the best colleges and attain great-paying jobs.
If you’ve ever envisioned this fairy-tale definition of kids’ success, it’s time to look beyond external measurements to the internal abilities that help children and teens learn to successfully pilot their own healthy and productive lives — today and as future adults…

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Gettin’ Schooled with Grayson: How do I utilize my high school coaches? Over the past ten weeks, Grayson Williams-Krebs has been an outstanding addition to the CoachUp family as a hard-working intern that knows the passion required to play sports after high school. Although she’s headed back to the West Coast for her senior year at […] The post Gettin’ Schooled with Grayson: How do I utilize my high school coaches? appeared first on CoachUp Blog.

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