OBNOXIOUS SPORTS PARENTS: Why HS Coaching Positions Go Unfufilled + MORE

OBNOXIOUS SPORTS PARENTS: Why HS Coaching Positions Go Unfufilled + MORE

Getting Along With The Coach When You Don’t See Eye-to-Eye

Getting Along With The Coach When You Don’t See Eye-to-Eye: Advice for the Youth Sports Parent Sooner or later, every youth sports parent sees their child play for a coach that they don’t agree with — whether it’s about playing time, game strategy, position choices, or coaching demeanor.... More »

CoachUp Wears ‘Grey for Anna’ + MORE

CoachUp Wears ‘Grey for Anna’ While CoachUp is all about working while nobody is watching, we often like to take a step back and celebrate our success stories from time to time. This story is about a courageous young girl named Anna and her extraordinary journey towards present day, whe.... More »
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What Does Your Child’s VICTORY Look Like? + MORE

Sometimes there is victory in just finishing. When I talk in this video about working through the pain, I’m also referring to the emotional stress. Sometimes that hurts more than the physical.          Related StoriesWhy Keeping the Fun in Youth Sports .... More »

GETTING CUT: What Today’s Parents Have to Keep in Mind

As we enter into the cooler months of the school year, that means that active try outs for basketball and ice hockey teams are looming. Both sports tend to be very competitive in terms of eager and hopeful kids who want to make the squad, especially in the middle school, travel team, or high school .... More »

How to Help Your Child Win Where It Really Counts: In Their Head!

To listen to this new podcast series, click on the above arrow. Perhaps you’ve heard the saying “Sports is 80% mental”, or maybe even that it’s 90% mental. I read from one sports psychologist that actually it’s 100% mental because thoughts influence actions and those ac.... More »
What Can Happen When Parents’ Abuse Chases Away Coaches
 By Doug Abrams
The other day, a want-ad of sorts appeared on the computer screen while I was reviewing youth sports articles in the nation’s newspapers. The want-ad was longer than the few-inch ones that typically dominated newspaper classifieds and now appear regularly on Internet sites…

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youth flag football tournaments 1462396124 1466556066 OBNOXIOUS SPORTS PARENTS: Why HS Coaching Positions Go Unfufilled + MOREBy Dev K. Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University
Key Points:

Young athletes (and their parents) often try to emulate the rapid return to sport after injury that we see in adult professional athletes
Due to many factors associated with the unique needs of the young athlete it could be unwise or even dangerous to push the speed of recovery after injury
For sports medicine physicians, we will place the long-term health of the young athlete at the top of our priorities when determining a proper recovery process after injury

It’s totally understandable to want your injured son or daughter to be healed and back playing sports as soon as possible after injury…

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Exercising With Jess: 5 Minute Workouts — Plank Series In order to kick off your summer on the right foot, CoachUp is putting together a series of quick, easy exercises that you can do every day. This week, we’re checking out 5 minute workouts of various plank exercises, so if you’re looking to improve your core […] The post Exercising With Jess: 5 Minute Workouts — Plank Series appeared first on CoachUp Blog.

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