Nieman Storyboard’s Annotation Tuesday! looks under the hood of great writing + MORE

Nieman Storyboard’s Annotation Tuesday! looks under the hood of great writing + MORE
 Nieman Storyboard’s Annotation Tuesday! looks under the hood of great writing + MORE

A Life-Changing Tip for Smoothing Transitions so You can Actually Put the Groceries Away + MORE

We are thrilled to welcome Dayna Abraham to the blog!  Dayna is a long-time friend of Positive Parenting Solutions.  She offers helpful and practical advice for kids who have sensory processing differences and intense emotions. In celebration of her new book, we’ve asked Dayna to share her best .... More »

TRENDS IN SPORTS: What’s the Fastest Growing Sport with Kids in the Midwest?

I wasn’t able to do my radio show this Sunday AM because I’m home recuperating from hip surgery. Specifically, I had my right hip “resurfaced” —  which is a form of hip replacement that is designed to allow the patient to maintain more stability and mobility once I rec.... More »

When To Evacuate in Youth Sports

Please forgive me if I have the word evacuate on my mind; I’ve been hearing it a lot lately here in Southwest Florida. When to evacuate has been a huge topic of discussion ever since we got wind of Hurricane Irma’s coming. Did you evacuate?  Where did you evacuate to?  How long were yo.... More »

YOUTH BASEBALL TRENDS: “Can’t Anybody Here Play This Game?”

When Casey Stengel was managing the hapless New York Mets in their first year of existence in 1962, Casey became so frustrated with his team’s lack of fundamental baseball that he once exclaimed in frustration: “Can’t anybody here play this game?” That moment was well over 50.... More »

6 Ways Good Sleep Can Help Your Athlete Play Better

This article is sponsored by, a company that is dedicated to helping everyone achieve their optimal sleep level and wake up each day with more energy and focus. Good Sleep is often overlooked as a fitness strategy for athletic performance. Every athlete knows they need the right cal.... More »
I don’t know how I’ve missed this, but has a feature called Annotation Tuesday! in which one writer interviews another about some recent or famous piece, and the questions and answers are interspersed throughout the story itself.
It’s like the audio commentary track on the DVD of a movie…

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The weekend is over, and the reality of another work week hits us smack dab in the face. This particular Monday, there are at least 53 men who just might feel like this is the worst Monday of their lives. At the same time, there are a different set of 53 men who feel like this is the greatest Monday ever…

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Has your child received too many awards in youth sports? There’s been a lot of controversy about the “everyone gets a trophy” mentality that pervades our youth sports culture. That mentality has boosted trophy and award sales to a $3 billion-a-year industry in the United States and Canada…

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