NFL Wildcard Weekend + CoachUp Contest! + MORE

NFL Wildcard Weekend + CoachUp Contest! + MORE
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This key practice can help you build a positive attitude! + MORE

Nothing good ever comes from being negative. Nothing! When you consistently put yourself down after a failure or continually catch yourself doing things wrong, then the only “good” you’ll do for yourself is to kill your self-confidence and tighten your muscles. I don’t have to tell you the.... More »
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Why Youth Sports Leagues Should NOT Rely on FBI Fingerprint Checks Alone + MORE

The interest in and prevalence of youth sports background checks as a pre-employment and pre-volunteering measure is skyrocketing. The National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) says this is attributed to two factors: the increased exposure of high-profile reports of child sexual abuse, such as at t.... More »

How to Be the Parent and Let Youth Sports Coaches Do Their Job

Do you know how to simply be the parent and let youth sports coaches do their job? This post is an excerpt from my book 11 Habits of Happy and Positive Sports Parents.  To get your copy or learn how you can give one to every parent on your child’s team, click here. Although parents and coaches..... More »

10 FREE Youth Sports Courses for Parents and Coaches

Coaches and Parents, are you looking for a way to help your kids get better in sports? Do you wish there was more that you could do? Parents, you may feel helpless because you don’t know enough about your child’s sport. Or Coaches, maybe you’d just like some fresh ideas for running.... More »

Welcome from Dr. G! + MORE

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Bleacher Report General Manager Dorth Raphaely was a guest on the Copeland Coaching Podcast this week, talking about how to build a career in sports.
Not a coaching career. Angela Copeland is a career coach, and Raphaely talked about his path, from volunteering in the sports information department of Division III UC-Santa Cruz as an undergraduate through CBS Sports Interactive and Yahoo before arriving at B/R in 2011…

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When your child faces fears in youth sports, it’s time to run.   Mark your calendars for my twitter party next Tuesday! Learn More.
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Concentration Tips for Sports Kids and Parents


youth football tournaments 1452314141 1793740519 NFL Wildcard Weekend + CoachUp Contest! + MOREIn “Sessions with Doc,” Dr. Patrick Cohn answers your sports psychology and mental training questions about improving focus and concentration in young athletes. Visit and click on contact us to submit your question for Dr. Cohn to answer in his mental game videocast or podcast…

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FlipGive: The Ultimate Sports Fundraiser


national youth football championships 1452314148 1346636593 NFL Wildcard Weekend + CoachUp Contest! + MOREYouth sports can be expensive. When a family adds up sporting equipment and uniforms costs, facility time rental, participation fees, training, traveling expenses, and assorted other expenses, pretty soon you’re talking about some real money. Thousands of dollars may be spent for some sports participants for just one sport…

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One of the best weekends of the entire year is upon us, CoachUp friends — the NFL Wildcard Round! While the favorites like the New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers are taking a much needed week to regroup, eight teams will face-off starting tomorrow for the right to move on towards eternal glory…

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Many sports kids hold negative beliefs about their abilities—and such beliefs can really hurt their confidence and performance.
For example, kids might give themselves negative labels that sound like this: “I always freeze up before I shoot,” or “I’m terrible on defense.”
Sound familiar?
They might also harbor irrational beliefs, assuming that if something good or bad happened once, it will happen over and over…

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