New Sports Training Categories Added to CoachUp! + MORE

New Sports Training Categories Added to CoachUp! + MORE
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Help Sports Kids Overcome Social Approval

Boosting Confidence in Young Athletes A young athlete writes: “I am a badminton player and I am finding it really hard to not get shaky or lose confidence when in a game if I miss a shot, my coach keeps telling me that I am I good player and I should believe in myself but then I just get more.... More »
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When Kids Play Better in Practice Than Games

 Helping Sports Kids Take Confidence to Games A sports parent asks: “My child is consistently amazing in practice, his coach tells me he’s one of the best practice players on the team, but he freezes up when game time comes! What can I do to help this?” When kids under perform in comp.... More »

One-handed NFL Prospect Shaquem Griffin

Shaquem Griffin was the feel good story of the 2018 NFL Draft Combine. The NFL keeps discovering new talent every now and then. It is not just team performances that keep football fans fascinated by the stories. The individual stories, where athletes rise from the ground to attain glory is what fans.... More »

COACHING TIPS: More Important Suggestions for Volunteer Youth Coaches

Because of the great response I had to my program last week on youth coaching tips, I felt compelled to continue with more this week. Again, these are aimed at volunteer youth coaches — most likely parents with kids between the ages of 6-12 – who are playing sports at the local rec level.... More »
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When Parents Force Kids to Specialize in One Sport

Young Athletes’ Motivation For Playing Sports A young athlete writes: “My father made me start taekwondo when I was still very young. I am tired of the injuries and with the fact that they don’t care if I am hurt or not. I still like the sport but I am too stressed to do it and I .... More »
Here at CoachUp HQ, we’re constantly racking our brains to find new ways to help athletes around the nation progress in sports and life. But we wanted to take it one step further. How can we help our athletes and their parents in their day to day lives? How can we really make a big impact? Lists […] The post New Sports Training Categories Added to CoachUp! appeared first on CoachUp Blog.

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