NCAA Concussion Statement Has Great Points For High School Athletes Too + MORE

NCAA Concussion Statement Has Great Points For High School Athletes Too + MORE
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4 Tips for Pokemon Go Safety + MORE

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One Question That Will Help Your Child Compete Better

Are you looking for answers on how to help your child compete better? Maybe you’ve spent a lot of time and money teaching her skills, but she can’t seem to perform consistently. For young athletes, the mental toughness struggle is real. As the pressures of youth sports have increased ov.... More »

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The Culture Code: Our 2017 Book of the Year (Plus Other Staff Picks)

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6 Truths Your Child Needs to Know After Every Youth Sports Event

In youth sports, no two events are alike. The score, the mistakes, the opponents, the weather, the officials, and how your child feels are all variables that influence the youth sports event experience and make each one unique. However, even though there’s no way for you to know what each comp.... More »
 1407308212 1130534661 NCAA Concussion Statement Has Great Points For High School Athletes Too + MOREOne of the goals in youth sports is to help kids learn to be leaders. But the problem is that while many coaches and parents look for natural born, charismatic leaders, they often overlook some of the strongest leaders on the team.

When my son played quarterback, his coaches sometimes got frustrated with him because he was not a rah-rah leader…

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nfl flag football tournament 1407308211 375044576 NCAA Concussion Statement Has Great Points For High School Athletes Too + MOREThere are no limits as to how far Rory Mcllroy will go in the upcoming PGA Championship. Rory has established himself as one of the games most talented and successful players. His most recent win at the 2014 British Open showed the world that he is here to stay and as he matures, so does his presence on the course…

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youth sports 1407308205 602000775 NCAA Concussion Statement Has Great Points For High School Athletes Too + MOREBy Dev K. Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University
Key Points:

The NCAA recently released a concussion guideline that presents clear definitions and processes for collegiate athletes in all sports
The vast majority of concussions will not have a loss of consciousness
In my opinion it would be helpful at the high school level for athletes to have preseason baseline concussion testing; suspected concussion in-season would be compared to the baseline
Return to classroom function can also require individual decision making, and students with pre-existing conditions such as ADHD, migraines, or depression may require extended assistance to successfully return to academics

I hope that someday soon we won’t have to write as many posts and articles about concussion…

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In this week’s version of the newsletter I sent out to all Bleacher Report writers every Monday, I mentioned that three consecutive posts on this blog last week dealt with verification, attribution and plagiarism issues.
B/R Featured Columnist Ray Glier, a veteran Atlanta journalist, responded with a story from his days working for the New York Times…

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10 Tips for Back to School


Depending on where you live, your kids may already be thinking about school supplies, new schedules, and what the next grade is going to look like. Here are a few tips for back to school so you won’t be blindsided by what’s coming. Whatever age your children are, you can be a step ahead of the game but also be their number one resource too…

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California Limits Full-Contact Football Practice Sessions
By Doug Abrams
 On July 21, California Governor Jerry Brown signed bipartisan concussion-safety legislation limiting the number and length of full-contact football practices that high schools and middle schools may conduct beginning on January 1, 2015…

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