MomsTEAM's Brooke de Lench To Join Sports Safety Group Formed By Former U.S. Surgeon General + MORE

MomsTEAM's Brooke de Lench To Join Sports Safety Group Formed By Former U.S. Surgeon General + MORE
kids football tournaments 1447752844 984281728 MomsTEAM's Brooke de Lench To Join Sports Safety Group Formed By Former U.S. Surgeon General + MORE

Terrorism and Children: Tough Conversations That Matter + MORE

Terrorism has become a sad and terrifying part of life in the 21st century. It is difficult enough for adults to understand and make sense of violent acts perpetrated against innocent people. But what about children? How do adults help kids make sense of terrorism while promoting children’s we.... More »

The One Trait You Should Look for in a Youth Sports Coach + MORE

What do you look for in a youth sports coach? Someone who wins? Teaches kids the strategy of the game? Has fun? These are all good traits for a coach, but I believe that there is one trait in particular that a topnotch youth sports coach should have. One trait that will help your child have...Read&.... More »

SPORTS PARENTING: Is It Okay for Our Young Athletes to Fail in Sports?

As many of you know, I was on vacation last week. That break gave me some time to catch up on a lot of email and articles, and during my time off, one parenting column in particular – written by a parenting reporter from CNN, Kelly Wallace —  caught my eye. The column’s headline was: Why .... More »

5 Christmas Stories Worth Re-telling Tonight

  Everyone has his or her own list of great Christmas stories. Type “Favorite Christmas Stories” into Google and each selection will be different. One contributor to Forbes Magazine (a guy, of course) topped his “Top 10” with the Bruce Willis movie, Die Hard. There’s no right or wro.... More »

NFL analyst: We can only know so much if we weren’t in the huddle + MORE

We’ve all done it. Well, not you, but the rest of us have. We see a play go wrong for an NFL team, and we can see who screwed up. We diagnose the blown assignment or mental lapse and assign blame to the offending player. And really, unless we were in the huddle, we have no idea if we’re .... More »
You’ve probably noticed that the story pages on Bleacher Report look a little different.
B/R’s Product and Engineering team has launched a redesign that’s really just a first step in an overall improvement.
The modernized look, including share buttons at the top and a sleeker typeface, brings the desktop into line visually with the mobile version of Bleacher Report…

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national flag football tournament 1390603413 1293122900 MomsTEAM's Brooke de Lench To Join Sports Safety Group Formed By Former U.S. Surgeon General + MOREHere’s an interesting study result:  If young athletes have to choose between losing and getting to play the whole game, they choose playing time. That’s a tidbit from Steven Frierman, a professor at Hofstra University and a former youth sports coach.
Yes, that’s right. Winning isn’t everything to young sports kids, he says…

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Several years ago when my daughter was seven, her school had a father-daughter dance, and we went. We had a great time. We ate, danced, and just enjoyed ourselves. Since she is now a teen, I’ve been warned that our relationship may change as she gets older and hanging with dad is not as cool or fun…

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OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS – The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) board of directors has approved the development of a revised football helmet standard that will require helmets to limit certain concussion causing forces.

The NOCSAE action to move forward the development of a more comprehensive helmet standard was taken on the heels of new NOCSAE-funded research which identified brain tissue response from a concussive event and the development of a new method to test helmets which replicates some of the rotational forces involved in a concussion…

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