MomsTEAM Speaks With Dr. C. J. Abraham, Inventor of Universal Forcefield FF Protective Headband + MORE

MomsTEAM Speaks With Dr. C. J. Abraham, Inventor of Universal Forcefield FF Protective Headband + MORE

Pitcher Puts Celebration On Hold To Console Friend

Watching high school sportsmanship on display can make nearly anyone a sports fan. There is a reason why fans are mesmerized by the world of sports. What makes sports so enchanting and so absorbing is not just the wins and losses, but also the how players play the game. That was on vivid display at .... More »

HEROIC COACHES: Spotlight on Jerry Katzke and the Brooklyn Bonnies Youth Program

On this Sunday morning’s WFAN show, I wanted to talk about an inner-city youth baseball program that has been around for such a long time that even I played against the Brooklyn Bonnies more than 35 years ago when I was playing with the New Rochelle Robins. And just a few weeks ago, my son Joh.... More »

Why is Abusive Coaching Tolerated in Sports? + MORE

On May 29, 2018, University of Maryland lineman Jordan McNair ran the last sprint of his life. After a series of 110 yd runs, during which he became disoriented and had trouble standing, McNair collapsed and died of heat stroke. He had a body temperature of 106 degrees in the hospital. He was only 1.... More »

SEXUAL PREDATORS IN YOUTH SPORTS: What Parents Need to Know – and to Ask

Sadly, you have all heard, of course, about the horrible sexual abuse case that Larry Nasser exacted on hundreds of US gymnasts. This story has made for sickening –and terrifying — headlines for the past couple of years. But the truth is: there are sex abuse cases from across all youth sport.... More »

COMMUNICATING WITH SPORTS PARENTS: More Thoughts on Reducing Parents/Coaches Conflicts + MORE

It’s a topic that constantly needs to be addressed, and the calls came pouring in on this AM’s Sports Edge show. In short, what can be done – if anything – to try and reduce the friction between involved sports parents and the HS varsity coaches. Most of the time, the issue b.... More »

A New Way To Get Strong

kids football tournaments 1527655567 1048265157 MomsTEAM Speaks With Dr. C. J. Abraham, Inventor of Universal Forcefield FF Protective Headband + MOREBy Dev Mishra, M.D.
President, Sideline Sports Doc
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University
Key Points:

“Blood flow restriction” training is a new way to harness the body’s own ability to produce muscle building hormones, while training safely with low resistance loads
This training may revolutionize the way we are able to add muscle strength without the risk and potential pain associated with high load traditional strength training
People with conditions such as Osgood-Schlatter, patellofemoral pain, ACL surgery rehab, and knee arthritis can benefit from this, as can any healthy athlete

As an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist I see a lot of folks who  need to gain strength to recover from injury, or as part of an overall rehabilitation program…

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MomsTEAM recently had the
opportunity to interview Dr. C. J. Abraham, the inventor of the Universal
Forcefield Protective Headband.

Dr. Abraham is a licensed
professional engineer, a Board-Certified Diplomat in Forensic Engineering, a
Fellow in the Textile Institute, and has over 45 years of experience in
formulating and testing polymers…

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