Molly Knight on rough moments as she got her start + MORE

Molly Knight on rough moments as she got her start + MORE
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How To Interview And Choose The Right Coach

As the summer winds down and you’re preparing for fall, it’s critical to ensure your kids have a coach whose style and philosophy builds their confidence. Whether your young athletes are already on a team or will be with a coach for the first time, it’s important to consider how a coach affec.... More »

Drill of the Week: Defending The Deep Ball + MORE

It’s almost time for fall playoffs around the country, so it’s crucial that you’re in peak form, both physically and mentally. The pressure on defensive units to excel will never be higher, but do you feel like you’re prepared for everything? For defensive backs and corners i.... More »

For Athletes in Weight-Sensitive Sports: Food for Thought + MORE

While many athletes yearn to be leaner and lighter, some athletes have to be leaner and lighter. If you compete in a sport with weight classes (i.e., wrestling, lightweight rowing) or in a sport that is sensitive to weight (cycling, running), you likely put pressure on yourself to achieve a weight .... More »
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Yoga and Youth Sports: A Winning Combination + MORE

Yoga and youth sports is not a connection that youth sports parents and coaches always make. While yoga has become increasingly popular, not as many coaches have instilled yoga practices into their sports’ practices. As of 2015, about 10% of adults participated in yoga, but only about 3% of ki.... More »

How to Help Your Child Win Where It Really Counts: In Their Head!

To listen to this new podcast series, click on the above arrow. Perhaps you’ve heard the saying “Sports is 80% mental”, or maybe even that it’s 90% mental. I read from one sports psychologist that actually it’s 100% mental because thoughts influence actions and those ac.... More »
To listen to the podcast, click on the above arrow. As parents, we all make mistakes. And of course, that affects our sports parenting efforts. I made my fair share and in this podcast, I share with you my top 5 and how you can avoid making them. Learn more about my new online course,…Read More

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the summer wanes and the school year approaches, it’s time to start thinking
about your child’s footwear for fall sports. A quick look in the closet to see
what’s already there won’t do, because it’s very likely that your child’s feet
have changed since your last purchase.
read more

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Molly Knight, author of one of the big baseball books of the year, “The Best Team Money Can Buy,” about the Los Angeles Dodgers of the last few years, wrote about how she got her start in the sportswriting business for espnW last week.
She writes that she came late to writing, having ditched the idea of med school and moved to New York to write at the age of 21…

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 Another State Reports a Shortage of Youth League Referees
By Doug Abrams
“Help Wanted: High School Officials.”
The Minneapolis Star Tribune ran a feature story with this headline less than two weeks ago. Writer David La Vaque reported that since 2010-2011, the ranks of referees and other game officials has steadily declined statewide in every high school sport except boys’ lacrosse…

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