Molly Knight on rough moments as she got her start + MORE

Molly Knight on rough moments as she got her start + MORE
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How To Interview And Choose The Right Coach

As the summer winds down and you’re preparing for fall, it’s critical to ensure your kids have a coach whose style and philosophy builds their confidence. Whether your young athletes are already on a team or will be with a coach for the first time, it’s important to consider how a coach affec.... More »
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When Sports Kids Don’t Get Enough Playing Time + MORE

When sports kids don’t get enough playing time, it can really hurt their confidence, motivation, and self-esteem. They feel as if the coaches don’t value them. They worry that they’re doing everything wrong. As sports parents, you can help your young athletes when they feel this way. First of.... More »
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TITLE IX ISSUES: The Untapped Power of Moms Who Coach + MORE

 Women as Youth League Coaches  By Doug Abrams  With planning for spring youth league seasons underway in many communities, Renee Moilanen contributed a thoughtful article late last month in The Daily Breeze (Torrance, Calif.). The theme was that sports programs serve players best by assuring qu.... More »
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Funny Yogi Berra Quotes: The Best Interview in Baseball

When Joe Garagiola was providing color commentary for Baseball’s Game of the Week, you could be sure that Yogi Berra’s name would come up frequently. Seldom would a game go by without childhood friend Garagiola telling some funny Yogi Berra quotes or stories. Yogi Berra passed away yeste.... More »


A lot of coaches regularly employ punishment as a "teaching" tool with their athletes and teams. If the team/athlete fails to execute well, makes a lot of mistakes or loses, the coach punishes them with more physically brutal practices, extra trainings and usually extra, long hard conditioning.  I.... More »
To listen to the podcast, click on the above arrow. As parents, we all make mistakes. And of course, that affects our sports parenting efforts. I made my fair share and in this podcast, I share with you my top 5 and how you can avoid making them. Learn more about my new online course,…Read More

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the summer wanes and the school year approaches, it’s time to start thinking
about your child’s footwear for fall sports. A quick look in the closet to see
what’s already there won’t do, because it’s very likely that your child’s feet
have changed since your last purchase.
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Molly Knight, author of one of the big baseball books of the year, “The Best Team Money Can Buy,” about the Los Angeles Dodgers of the last few years, wrote about how she got her start in the sportswriting business for espnW last week.
She writes that she came late to writing, having ditched the idea of med school and moved to New York to write at the age of 21…

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 Another State Reports a Shortage of Youth League Referees
By Doug Abrams
“Help Wanted: High School Officials.”
The Minneapolis Star Tribune ran a feature story with this headline less than two weeks ago. Writer David La Vaque reported that since 2010-2011, the ranks of referees and other game officials has steadily declined statewide in every high school sport except boys’ lacrosse…

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