Mirror’s Oliver Holt kicks off “Inside Football Media” week + MORE

Mirror’s Oliver Holt kicks off “Inside Football Media” week + MORE
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Basketball Feel Good Story Roundup + MORE

Some great stories happening this past week on the basketball court. Basketball Feel Good Story Roundup Drake Student cans buzzer beater to win a new truck At Drake University, as part of their “Bulldog Madness” half-time event, first year student Alex Tillinghast was chosen in a contest.... More »
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After Concussion: Don’t Just See A Doctor, Be Sure To See The Right Doctor + MORE

By Dev Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: It’s important to see a doctor trained in sport concussion management after a concussion. Not all doctors know about return to play protocols. Appropriate doctors.... More »
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Sports Parents: Do Your Kids Want Your Approval?

Pressure And Social Approval Often, young athletes worry too much about what teammates, parents, coaches and friends think about how they’re performing on the court, field or course. When they seek others’ approval of their performance and abilities, and then don’t do well, they can feel inad.... More »

COACHING TIPS: More Important Suggestions for Volunteer Youth Coaches

Because of the great response I had to my program last week on youth coaching tips, I felt compelled to continue with more this week. Again, these are aimed at volunteer youth coaches — most likely parents with kids between the ages of 6-12 – who are playing sports at the local rec level.... More »

When Sports Parents SHOULD Butt In

As the words in Ecclesiastes 3 say, “There is a time for everything,” and that is especially true for sports parents. There IS a time to butt in….          Related Stories8 Things Every Soccer Parent Needs to KnowHow to Deal with a Negative .... More »
It’s “Inside the Football Media” week at Bleacher Report. World Football editor Will Tidey is talking to some of the sport’s top writers and on-air talent via Google hangout. The week kicks off today with Oliver Holt of the Daily Mirror.
One of my favorite parts of the 25-minute interview is their discussion of Twitter, especially when Tidey refers to Holt’s 230,000 followers and says, “In essence, it’s like the Rolling Stones playing on Copacabana Beach, the number of people that are seeing what you tweet…

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Playing Golf Fore Fun

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youth football tournaments 1398122331 954250143 Mirror’s Oliver Holt kicks off “Inside Football Media” week + MOREEDITOR’S NOTE: Below is an article written for Sports Feel Good Stories from B.J. Viau, founder of ForeFun.com.
The Masters has concluded and at least in my neck of the woods, the snow has melted for the last time this season. This means it is officially golf season! There is something about getting up before the sun rises to be the first on the course with my Dad, sneaking out early from work to build relationships with co-workers, or playing some competitive fun games with my buddies during Thursday night Men’s League…

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The Dad Marathon

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Being a dad is one of the most amazing, yet most challenging experiences a man will have in his life. Ups and downs of all types happen from the first time we hold our small children in our arms, to the time we see them don a cap and gown, to the time they leave our home to build one of their own…

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Half the fun of any trip is getting there, right? Well, maybe not if you envision mile after mile of whining, choruses of “are we there yet” or refereeing backseat battles. But it doesn’t have to be a dreaded experience. Here are some tips to help you make the most of long road trips with your family:
Plan Ahead of Time

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