Marshawn Lynch: Obligated to speak, or a challenge for sportswriters to accept? + MORE

Marshawn Lynch: Obligated to speak, or a challenge for sportswriters to accept? + MORE
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Buck Hill – The Little Hill that Launched a Legend

By now you’ve probably heard of skier Lindsey Vonn. But did you know that she has now become the most successful American ski racer in history? Superstar Lindsey Vonn Lindsey Vonn has Olympic gold and bronze medals, two World Championship gold medals, seven World Cup season titles in the downhill,.... More »

Sports Parents, This is Your Biggest Choice as Your Child Plays Sports

Sports Parents, What will it be? You have a choice to make that will greatly impact your child’s youth sports journey. In fact, I’d venture to say that this choice will have the greatest influence on you as a sports parent and on your child. Perhaps you think that I’m going to tal.... More »

The Japanese Babe Ruth: Shohei Ohtani

There is a new sensation in baseball and he is from Japan. He is on a record-breaking spree and if we are to go by the numbers (and even performance on the field), it would not be wrong to claim that he is the Japanese equivalent of the legend, Babe Ruth. The player is Shohei […] The post The .... More »

TRENDS IN SPORTS: Are HS Sports Programs Going to Fade Away Due to Travel Teams?

Today’s WFAN show focused on what happens next when HS athletic directors find it more and more difficult to hire qualified coaches. As discussed last week, there is such an exodus of talented coaches out of HS programs that school districts are really discovering that it’s a challenge t.... More »

DEALING WITH FINANCIAL CONCERNS: The Built-in Value of Used Equipment Banks for Kids + MORE

Used-Equipment Banks: One Way to Reduce Costs and Boost Enrollment  By Doug Abrams Much has been written lately about the escalating costs of playing youth sports, particularly at the travel and elite levels. Commentators have described burdens imposed by interstate travel and lodging, handsomely .... More »
Do you follow any sports nutritional guidelines to help your child play youth sports? Your child may practice for hours and think he is fully prepared for the game, but unless he is eating and drinking properly before and after, he will not be performing at his peak. Last week I attended a nutrition and…

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 1422628219 1521276261 Marshawn Lynch: Obligated to speak, or a challenge for sportswriters to accept? + MOREIs it Sunday yet? That’s what everyone’s been asking each other all week; a week in which we’ve been inundated with talk of deflated footballs, press conferences, and all sorts of other bulletin board material. We’ll get into all that in our Super Bowl preview, and we’ll even talk a little about the actual football game that’s going to be played…

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When I was growing up, Family Ties was one of my favorite TV shows. One episode in 1983 stood out to me. Teenage son Alex (played by Michael J. Fox) abuses diet pills (“Speed”) to increase his energy. The thing that stood out to me was that he became out of control, obsessed with the next pill…

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I admit I’m a little obsessed with the Marshawn Lynch story. I want Marshall McLuhan to write a book about the semiotics of Marshawn Lynch’s performance-art pieces, in which the Seattle Seahawks running back gives the same answer to reporters no matter what questions they ask him.
This week at Super Bowl Media Day, of course, Lynch’s answer to all questions was “I’m here so I won’t get fined,” though sometimes he threw in a “just” before “here…

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