Marriage: It’s Time to Get Under the Hood + MORE

Marriage: It’s Time to Get Under the Hood + MORE
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Sports Team Award Certificate Templates + MORE

Most youth sports coaches will tell you that one of the most fun nights of the year is when their team has their season-ending party. It might be held at the coach’s house, a team parent’s residence or a local restaurant. Folks eat, drink and talk about some of the great times that happe.... More »
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Seeing Is… Starting… To Believe (Video Link) + MORE

With one day of the Vector Mouthguards in the book – a lightning shortened one – and a warp speed implementation it was time to get this puppy up and running. The players had not lost a mouthguard overnight, which is quite amazing because they always seem to lose their other ones, and al.... More »
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TRAVEL TEAMS: Time to Re-Think Them? + MORE

I think I touched a nerve this AM on the radio show because I brought up a topic that most sports parents don’t want to talk about – the fear and anxiety of their youngster being on a travel team. In short, once your kid is on a travel team, there’s tremendous pressure to play that.... More »
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The Bleacher Report Blog is now an archive + MORE

Thank you for coming to the Bleacher Report Blog, which served the B/R community from 2007 to 2016. Starting in 2011, the B/R Blog was devoted to journalism education and discussion of issues of concern to early-career sportswriters. It is no longer being updated and comments are closed, but the blo.... More »
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4 Signs of an Unhealthy Marriage + MORE

  In the summer of 1985, an engineer named Roger Boisjoly noticed a flaw in the solid rocket booster that helps launch the space shuttle. The rubber O-rings that seal the joints were experiencing erosion particularly in cold weather. When the joints wear away, the booster leaks exhaust gas caus.... More »
Author Mark Briggs is working on the next edition of his textbook “Journalism Next: A Practical Guide to Digital Reporting and Publishing,” and last week he asked readers of his Journalism 2.0 blog for advice.
“In looking at the chapter topics, I’m wondering if I need to include a separate chapter on blogging in the next edition? Is that still relevant?” he wrote…

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Bill’s 1966 Mustang GT Fastback is the envy of the neighborhood. Every Saturday he washes the exterior, vacuums the interior, wipes down the surfaces, and takes it for a test drive. When he returns, he works on the engine, polishes the chrome, and tests the plugs.
Check ups, oil changes, maintenance, preventative maintenance, filters…

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