March Madness: Your bracket’s busted, but B/R’s coverage isn’t + MORE

March Madness: Your bracket’s busted, but B/R’s coverage isn’t + MORE

How to Prevent Injuries in Youth Sports + MORE

Every parent wants to prevent injuries in youth sports. Here are some real steps you can take. This post is sponsored by SPRTID, a player safety app that provides important medical information for coaches and teams to help them keep young players safe. Safety is a top concern for many sports par.... More »
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Six Ways to Keep Winter Blues at Bay

Helping Parents Keep Their Wits on Long Winter Days For parents with little ones, winter days can feel like an eternity.Cold temperatures, weather hazards, the dreaded cold and flu season, and the onset of cabin fever can lead to a frustrating loop of, “I’m bored” and “What are we going.... More »

TRENDS IN SPORTS: When HS Athletes Protest by Taking a Knee….

So you and your family are sitting down to have dinner this fall, and let’s say your son,  who plays varsity football at your local HS, suddenly announces at the dinner table that he agrees with what Colin Kapaernick is doing in terms of protesting racial bias and oppression in this country ̵.... More »

TRAVEL TEAMS: Does the Future of HS Football Reside in Travel Programs? + MORE

For well over a decade, I have predicted that the reach, scope, and growth of travel teams will eventually (and sooner rather than later) overtake traditional HS varsity sports programs. That’s for all HS sports, except for one: football. After all, we have already witnessed HS soccer players .... More »
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Sports Illustrated’s Podcast Gets Youth Sports Right + MORE

The New Year was just about a week ago, but now that we’ve all had some time to think about our resolutions and goals for 2016, let’s rewind for a crucial half hour podcast. Sports Illustrated hosts a weekly podcast called This is Your Brain on Sports featuring their executive editor .... More »
Whenever there’s a big event—and I think the first weekend of March Madness counts—I like to review the best of Bleacher Report’s content. It’s a great chance to appreciate how far we’ve come. I’ve been saying this for about a year now: I’d put the best Bleacher Report content up against anyone else’s…

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A Decent Video


I am finding it hard to find time to post, obviously, but I will get back to this as soon as I can.  For the time being here is a decent video I have had forwarded to me that can be a good example of concussion or mTBI… I would love to see discussion on […]

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“That was the best Friday night meal in weeks,” Bob said as he smiled across the dining room table at his wife, Kathy, and their three kids. “Clean house, great food, excellent conversation, and awesome company.”
“Awesome company” was a family from their church. Both families had been trying to get together for weeks and the stars finally aligned…

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