March Madness: Your bracket’s busted, but B/R’s coverage isn’t + MORE

March Madness: Your bracket’s busted, but B/R’s coverage isn’t + MORE
flag football tournaments 1406346891 15480229 March Madness: Your bracket’s busted, but B/R’s coverage isn’t + MORE

Industry heavy hitters Murray, Baer discuss journalism future with Politico’s Allen + MORE

Five years ago, I wrote that the “Future of Journalism is endless panel discussions about the Future of Journalism.” I’m not yet convinced I was wrong, but I still enjoyed this short video on Politico in which chief White House correspondent Mike Allen talks to Don Baer and Alan Mu.... More »
nfl flag football tournament 1443101544 1755181446 March Madness: Your bracket’s busted, but B/R’s coverage isn’t + MORE

Funny Yogi Berra Quotes: The Best Interview in Baseball

When Joe Garagiola was providing color commentary for Baseball’s Game of the Week, you could be sure that Yogi Berra’s name would come up frequently. Seldom would a game go by without childhood friend Garagiola telling some funny Yogi Berra quotes or stories. Yogi Berra passed away yeste.... More »

CLUB TEAMS: Are They Really the Future of Youth Sports in the US?

In light of all the debate and feedback I received in recent weeks  regarding the growing and game-changing impact that pay-for-play club teams are having on youth sports in this country, I thought we’d take a step ahead – and begin to think about what this will mean and how youth sports are go.... More »

You Are What You Eat: Tom Brady’s Unusual Diet + MORE

As the New England Patriots, and our good friend Julian Edelman, are preparing for another deep NFL Playoff run, a major part of Tom Brady’s training was revealed this week on In an exclusive interview, they sat down with Allen Campbell, the Brady family chef, and detailed what th.... More »


i had a very strong response to last week’s show and blog posting regarding HS kids taking a knee to protest racial oppression in this country. I was impressed with the smart comments  on both sides of the issue, all dealing with the balancing of patriotic respect for our country v. one’s g.... More »
Whenever there’s a big event—and I think the first weekend of March Madness counts—I like to review the best of Bleacher Report’s content. It’s a great chance to appreciate how far we’ve come. I’ve been saying this for about a year now: I’d put the best Bleacher Report content up against anyone else’s…

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A Decent Video


I am finding it hard to find time to post, obviously, but I will get back to this as soon as I can.  For the time being here is a decent video I have had forwarded to me that can be a good example of concussion or mTBI… I would love to see discussion on […]

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“That was the best Friday night meal in weeks,” Bob said as he smiled across the dining room table at his wife, Kathy, and their three kids. “Clean house, great food, excellent conversation, and awesome company.”
“Awesome company” was a family from their church. Both families had been trying to get together for weeks and the stars finally aligned…

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