Life’s Storms, the Lord, and Betty Ford + MORE

Life’s Storms, the Lord, and Betty Ford + MORE
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Gary Smith, an all-time great writer, retiring from Sports Illustrated + MORE

Gary Smith, the legendary Sports Illustrated features writer, is retiring from the magazine. SI colleague Grant Wahl tweeted the news Monday. Gary Smith is retiring from Sports Illustrated (via @thomaslake). The best of what SI does. — Grant Wahl (@GrantWahl) April 28, 2014 Smith is a four-t.... More »

The Road to Varsity - Getting Closer with Dead Ball Officiating + MORE

Just completed my annual summer mini-thon of two consecutive weekends of basketball officiating camp.  One at UNC Charlotte, the other at Liberty University.  This summer marks my ten year more.... More »
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Minutes From First Illinois Advisory Council on Player Safety + MORE

“Welcome to a historic event.” Is how Associate Executive Director, Kurt Gibson opened the first meeting of its kind in Illinois and for the Illinois High School Association (IHSA). With the vast majority of the Council present it did not take long for all of us to get to “workR.... More »

10 Signs You are Coddling Your Young Athlete + MORE

There’s been a lot of discussion in the youth sports world about whether parents and coaches are coddling athletes. So I thought you’d be interested in this post I just published on the Huffington Post Parent Blog yesterday: 10 Signs You are Coddling Your Young Athlete After you’ve.... More »

“10 Reasons My Dad is the Best Sports Dad Ever”

This post contains affiliate links which means I might get a commission if you click on any of the links on in this post and make a purchase after doing so.   Being a great sports dad has nothing to do with your athletic skills or your knowledge of the game. In fact, it actually has...Read.... More »

Sylvia Mackey – Video


In a follow-up, and what I believe to be the same presentation that Elanor Profetto’s video is from a very strong and wonderful woman, Sylvia Mackey, “Mrs. 88″ gives a talk about brain injury.  She also has intimate and troubling experience with what brain injury/disease can do as she took care of the great John […]

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The Pew Research Journalism Project released its State of the News Media 2014 report Wednesday, and if you’re interested in where the content business is headed, it’s worth digging in to.
Disclosure: I haven’t even scratched the surface of it myself.
Alan Murray of the Wall Street Journal has, though, and he found Seven Reasons For Optimism About the News Business…

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I came across an interview with Johnny Cash on the David Letterman Show. In the segment, Cash described the period in his life when he came very close to death due to an extreme addiction. He painted a dire picture of a man at rock bottom and near extinction. “There was a point in my life that the only person that would talk to me was the Lord, and the only woman that would have me was Betty Ford…

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Today, the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament comes to my city, Indianapolis. The games all start tomorrow, but the city is buzzing and excited. Today, all four teams playing will have a practice open to the public. I wanted to take my kids to the practices, but I wasn’t able to do it…

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