Last Dance: Reflections of A Dance Mom + MORE

Last Dance: Reflections of A Dance Mom + MORE

CoachUp Previews: European Cup Finals — France vs. Portugal + MORE

CoachUp Previews: European Cup Finals — France vs. Portugal At long last, we’ve reached the European Championship Finals and the host-nation France will face off against sloppy-but-successful Portugal on Sunday. Of course, these victors come on the heels their defeats of scrappy underdog Wal.... More »
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Middle School: When Coming-of-Age Stories Begin + MORE

Middle school is often linked to that awkward stage of development when young people start to question their confidence and abilities. This occurs as they gain awareness of the world around them and as they compare themselves to friends and classmates. Middle school is also a time of accelerated lea.... More »
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Top Mistakes Parents Make Before a Game

What Parents Shouldn’t Do Before a Game Parents, to boost your kids’ confidence and help them focus prior to games, it’s critical to know what to do and say before a game. It may not be obvious how to act and what to say. Let’s start with some basic ideas for your pregame behavior: .... More »

SPORTS PARENTING TRENDS: Are We Witnessing the Slow Decline of Youth Baseball? + MORE

As we approach the latter half of August, it’s ironic that as Little League Baseball from Williamsport becomes more and more popular each year on ESPN, the sad truth is that youth leagues all over continue to lose players. For years, it was thought that many American kids were just opting for .... More »

Here’s How You Can Help Your Athlete Handle Sports Anger

If your child gets angry when playing sports, you’re not alone. I’d guess that most athletes do at one time or another. Your goal, as a sports parent should not necessarily be to expect your child to never get angry, but rather help them handle the anger…      .... More »
Yesterday we talked about appreciating each of your kids and every new experience they encounter even if it’s old for you. Today, we want to help you prepare for these experiences.
Dating, staying home alone, play dates, cooking for themselves, or a summer internship are all new seasons your kids will face at some point…

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national flag football tournament 1395425722 1467411385 Last Dance: Reflections of A Dance Mom + MOREBleacher Report has taught me a tremendous amount about writing concisely, attracting readers and creating content that inspires further discussion. But the most valuable skill I’ve learned as a member of the Advanced Program in Sports Media involves what happens after my writing is complete.
How do I best engage my readers once they start commenting on my articles?
That was a question I began asking myself early on…

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Dedicated to the Parents of the Class of 2014 who have seen their

child’s last pass, catch, pitch, serve, goal, basket, cheer,  tumble, at
bat, or dance.

The plane touched down in Orlando Florida. The trip that I had been
looking forward to, as well as dreading for many years, was finally

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Neptune makes swimming laps better


youth sports 1395425714 1839941891 Last Dance: Reflections of A Dance Mom + MORESwimming is a great fitness exercise. It’s challenging aerobically, strengthens the muscles and is easy on the joints. In a short time, I can get a good workout and walk away from the pool feeling refreshed.
Typically for a swim session, I’ll spend about a half-hour swimming laps. The first 10 minutes go by pretty quickly…

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flag football tournament 1395425723 1247343325 Last Dance: Reflections of A Dance Mom + MORETed LigetyTwo years before he stood on the Sochi Olympics podium with a gold medal around his neck, alpine skier Ted Ligety took a trip to Alaska.  There was no qualifying race or Team USA training session, but rather a heli-skiing trek in the Chugach Mountains with a film crew from Warren Miller Entertainment…

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