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Join Us at All Pro Dad Live! + MORE
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A Wikipedia horror story: How attribution and verification can (usually) save the day + MORE

Want to hear a scary story? This one makes “Friday the 13th” look like a sweet fairy tale. That is, if your primal fear is … trusting Wikipedia. In “I accidentally started a Wikipedia hoax” on The Daily Dot, EJ Dickson confesses that as a college sophomore in 2009, she an.... More »
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Hip Pointers

By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. President, Sideline Sports Doc Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University Key Points: The term “hip pointer” refers to a bruise of the muscles and soft tissue attachments to the top of the pelvis bone, near the area where your shorts or pants .... More »
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How Do I Balance My WHY with the Demands of the Youth Sports Culture? + MORE

“This season was a disaster.” A former colleague of mine said to me recently. “We had a ton of fun, the kids learned a lot of new skills and gelled as a team, but we didn’t win as many games as last season.” “Fun and learning are the two primary things we always wanted out The post How D.... More »
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The Importance of Understanding Injury in Females + MORE

Since the majority of our sports-driven medias are centered around males, it’s typically a safe assumption that they find themselves injured more than the female gender. However, did you know that it’s actually woman that are more likely to sustain a common sports injury? Dr. Robert Shme.... More »
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Daydreaming: Mindless or Meaningful? + MORE

As a child, daydreaming was one of my favorite activities. Or should I say, non-activities? I spent hours alone in my room with random thoughts wandering through my mind. I loved to think about patterns, people, and the mysteries of how things were connected. My parents believed I was doing homework.... More »
nfl flag football tournament 1404771750 447052492 Join Us at All Pro Dad Live! + MOREUnfortunate and disappointing, injuries sustained on the field come with territory of playing competitive sports. However many sports injuries are actually sustained or manifest during off-season training or practice, outside of official competition.  These injuries can be avoided by doing the following in your training; improving functional core stability, incorporating dynamic stretching into your workouts, and trying trigger point release methods…

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FUN is NOT a 4-letter Word!


One of our readers recently shared a story with me about attending a 10 year old AYSO youth soccer game in New York City. After watching the players struggle for a while, he asked a parent of one of the participants “how often do you practice?” The response: “We don’t practice. Here we don’t play […

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Join Us at All Pro Dad Live!


If you’ve ever coached your kid’s sports team you know the demands it takes to do it well and spend quality time with your own kids. Imagine doing it as your job at an extremely high level. That is what Mark Richt, University of Georgia head football coach, does every day.
Not only does he have his wife and four kids, but he is also responsible for hundreds of players and staff…

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