It Has Been A Long Time + MORE

It Has Been A Long Time + MORE
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4 Tips for Pokemon Go Safety + MORE

A Guest Post from Amy Tiemann, PhD The new mobile game Pokémon Go has won the hearts and minds of millions of Americans with over 7 million downloads in its first week of release. This has happened so quickly that many parents are just catching up with this new craze. What makes this game diff.... More »

When To Evacuate in Youth Sports

Please forgive me if I have the word evacuate on my mind; I’ve been hearing it a lot lately here in Southwest Florida. When to evacuate has been a huge topic of discussion ever since we got wind of Hurricane Irma’s coming. Did you evacuate?  Where did you evacuate to?  How long were yo.... More »
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Can Sports Improve Young Athletes’ Self-Esteem? + MORE

Do Sports Help Self-Esteem? A sports parent writes: “My 12-year-old has always had low-self confidence and low self-esteem. My hope was that a competitive sport (baseball for us) could help him develop these but so far results (four years into the mission) are negative to neutral at best. How do .... More »

DADS AS SPORTS PARENTS: Everything I Learned About Youth Sports I Learned from My Father

My Dad —  Hall of Fame Sportscaster Bob Wolff – passed away two weeks ago at the age of 96. My father was one of those rare individuals who knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life. He loved sports, and he loved talking about them on the air. And he not only had the good fortune .... More »

TRENDS IN SPORTS: Baseball Continues to Lose Its Young Fan Base at an Alarming Rate + MORE

Earlier this month, I had Rob Nelson, the inventor of Big League Chew, on my show to talk about the sudden and rapid decline of kids signing up for youth baseball in this country. As I mentioned on WFAN, I have been getting these reports of a lack of participation for the past few years, but this ye.... More »

Ensure Young Athletes’ Self-Talk is Positive


national flag football tournament 1402586815 929635889 It Has Been A Long Time + MOREEven top athletes tell themselves, “I need to talk to myself more positively. I need to take a hard look at the way I talk to myself about sports.”
In youth sports, kids need to do this, too, says Dan Schaeffer, Ph.D., who works with athletes to boost their confidence.
Kids tell themselves, “I don’t want this to happen,” “I don’t want to miss this shot,” “I’m a bad shooter,” and other statements that are negative…

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British behavior expert, Judi Jones, conducted a poll of 10 things that are killing passion in marriages.  The number one passion slayer?  Weight gain.  It is difficult to have any sort of romantic ideas when you are out of breath.  Not to mention how difficult it is to play with your children…

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Another Survey Confirms That Too Many Adults Spurn Sportsmanship In Youth Sports
 By Doug Abrams
 “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”
This French proverb aptly describes the persisting bad behavior of some parents and coaches in organized youth sports these days. The latest evidence of the adult decline appears in the Sportsmanship Survey released on June 3 by the Liberty Mutual Insurance Responsible Sports program…

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It Has Been A Long Time


Hello everyone, my name is Dustin Fink.  I am an athletic trainer and I have created a blog about concussions…  Wait, what? It has been a long time since I have gotten to this blogging thing, perhaps I needed to reintroduce myself.  As devout readers – that you all are – you have noticed a […]

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Some interesting reading for you today:
“How Not to Be Wrong”: What the literary world can learn from math by Laura Miller,
Miller reviews Jordan Ellenberg’s book, “How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking,” pointing out how the math popularizer can be a useful study for non-mathematicians who have to deal with data…

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nfl flag football tournament 1402586822 540408385 It Has Been A Long Time + MOREEver wondered what it might be like to go up against 6-foot-11 Sixers’ center, Nerlens Noel, in a game of one-on-one ball? Well then, wonder no more because today we’re bringing you that opportunity.
As you may have heard, the Philadelphia 76er recently joined the CoachUp team as an Athlete Advisor, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about having him on our roster…

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