Is “I don’t want to talk about it!” an Option in Your House? + MORE

Is “I don’t want to talk about it!” an Option in Your House? + MORE

EPL Previews: Will Jose Mourinho succeed at Manchester United? + MORE

EPL Previews: Can Jose Mourinho build something stable at Manchester United? After Leicester City’s 5000-1 odds to win the Premiership, capping off what is, in all likelihood, the most fantastic championship in major sports history, the perennial powerhouses have gone hard towards defeating the s.... More »

When Sports Parents SHOULD Butt In

As the words in Ecclesiastes 3 say, “There is a time for everything,” and that is especially true for sports parents. There IS a time to butt in….          Related Stories8 Things Every Soccer Parent Needs to KnowHow to Deal with a Negative .... More »
national flag football tournament 1451525696 1081140557 Is “I don’t want to talk about it!” an Option in Your House? + MORE

Coach Spotlight Series: Artie Gigantino + MORE

We’re back! After a week off for the holidays, we’re so pleased to present our interview Coach Artie for this week’s spotlight. Artie trains as a football coach out of Walnut Creek, California — he was the defensive coordinator and linebacker coach at Cal + USC, as well as.... More »

5 Unique Gifts for Coaches This Holiday

Finding just the right gift for coaches is always a challenge. As a coach’s wife for 29 years, I think I saw just about every gift possible for a coach. But I decided to do a little digging and come up with some creative ideas. Here are 5 unique gifts for coaches (and volunteers) that...Read&#.... More »

Coach Spotlight Series: Daniel Flores + MORE

Our next stop in the Coach Spotlight Series is Daniel Flores, one of our excellent baseball coaches in California! If that name sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve featured Coach Flores in one of our incredible success stories — if you need a refresher on that, you can find his vid.... More »
If you have a dream in your sport…
If you really want to go as far as possible…
If the pursuit of excellence is truly important to you…Then you need to surround yourself with athletes who are BETTER than you!

Teammates and opponents will help you get better than you are now, only if they push and outperform you…

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So now that this blog isn’t daily, I’ve fallen into this bad habit of seeing something interesting, thinking, “That would make a nice quick blog post,” saving it—and then, without the daily deadline, forgetting it.
So I’ve got a backlog of interesting tidbits. I’ll present them as a roundup today, and pledge that I will be more conscientious about heading straight to the blog when I see something interesting…

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junior football tournaments 1429887607 370959772 Is “I don’t want to talk about it!” an Option in Your House? + MOREBuilding trust in kids is critical for coaches. If coaches establish a close, trusting relationship with their players, the players are more likely to feel confident, supported, and open—all keys to learning and transferring sports skills to life.
In an inspiring interview with Thom Schauerman, varsity soccer coach and middle school volleyball coach at The Shipley School, Bryn Mawr, Pa…

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Don’t sweep issues under the rug. Don’t ignore the elephant in the room. Sure, give your kids space and time when they need it, but don’t neglect teaching them this very important skill…       Are you or your child struggling with an issue in youth sports?  I’m available for one-on-one mentoring…

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