Introducing Sports Psychology to Young Athletes + MORE

Introducing Sports Psychology to Young Athletes + MORE
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When Sports Teaches Life Skills – According to Abby Wambach

Building Your Child’s Confidence Through Sports Abby Wambach, two-time Olympic gold medalist and Women’s World Cup Champion, has some great insights into the world of sports parenting that illustrate the lessons we try to instill in parents. In a recent article with the Washington Post, she.... More »
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Help Kids Be More Mentally Resilient + MORE

The Importance of Resiliency in Youth Sports A sports parent asks, “My children seem to get easily stressed out when things go wrong while playing. Is there anything I can do about this?” The issue your children are facing is common and can be challenging. They could benefit from some tr.... More »

How to Turn a Bad Season Around

What is a “Bad” season anyway? Have you ever gone through a season that can only be described as “Bad?” Maybe your child is struggling with getting along with her teammates. Or isn’t getting the playing time he wants. Or isn’t improving at the rate you’d lik.... More »

SPORTSMANSHIP: HS Boys Lax Team Intrudes on Visiting Girls Before Playoff Game

Well, what happened the other day in Yorktown, NY? Depending on who you talk to, there was some sort of dust-up between the members of the Yorktown HS boys lax team…and the Somers HS girls lax team that clearly ruffled some feathers – especially on the Somers side. Many of the Somers parents.... More »

ACCOUNTABILITY: HS Athletes Who Put Integrity Ahead of Winning + MORE

“When No One Is Watching”: Two Stories of High School Athletes’ Integrity By Doug Abrams With national and international crises and discord dominating the news these days, it takes something special for a youth sports story to reach a major metropolitan newspaper’s editorial page. On June 2,.... More »
It is not often you get the opportunity to speak to a coach that has the task of supporting and assisting some of the best coaches in the world, across a multitude of sports, but that is what Chris Snyder does. Chris is the Director for Coaching Education in the Sports Performance Division of the
The post WOC Podcast #6: USOC Coaching Education Director Chris Snyder appeared first on Changing the Game Project…

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Yes, you read that right. Sometimes benching your child is the best thing you can do for him or her….   Are you struggling with a specific problem in your parenting? Do you feel like you’ve hit a wall and just don’t know how to move forward with a certain issue?  I’m a certified life…

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 1493257447 809402417 Introducing Sports Psychology to Young Athletes + MOREHow to Introduce Sports Psychology to Young Athletes
In “Sports Psychology Sessions with Doc,” Dr. Patrick Cohn answers a question from Mike about how you can introduce mental coaching to your sports kids.
Visit Sports Psychology for Athletes at and click on contact us to submit your mental game questions for Dr…

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