Introducing Sports Psychology to Young Athletes + MORE

Introducing Sports Psychology to Young Athletes + MORE

When Coach Makes Quitting Seem Like Your Child’s Only Option: Has it Ever Happened in Your Family?

Has your child ever felt like quitting was their only option because they had a coach that you or they struggled to agree with? Maybe it was his demeanor, the way she ran practice, his playing time philosophy, or her game plan? One coach stands out amongst the many coaches my kids had over the...Rea.... More »
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Helping Youth Baseball Players Deal with Failure

Strategies to Help Sports Kids Overcome Failure Fear of failure affects sports children in all types of sports, but can be especially challenging in baseball, says Nova Newcomer, executive director, Friends of Baseball, in Portland, Oregon. “The tough challenge with baseball is it’s a failur.... More »

TRENDS IN SPORTS: Why Running Track is Good for Your Child in So Many Ways

In what has become something of a tradition on NYC Marathon Sunday, I like to spend an hour talking on the air with long-time running coach, Joel Pasternack who is based in northern New Jersey. Joel is a veteran of many marathons, having competed and done very well in his races back in the day. I li.... More »

2017 Sports Nutrition News

  In this era of highly competitive sports, more and more runners, cyclists, soccer players and other serious athletes are eagerly seeking information on how to fuel optimally. Performance nutrition is also of interest to Marines, special operations troops such as the Navy Sea, Air and Land .... More »
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How Steph Curry Became Resilient: A Lesson for Parents + MORE

Using Resiliency to Overcome Frustration Does your young athlete become frustrated when things don’t go as planned during a game or even practice? Does frustration lead them to think negatively about themselves? Do they lose confidence in their ability? To not want to play anymore? Young athletes.... More »
It is not often you get the opportunity to speak to a coach that has the task of supporting and assisting some of the best coaches in the world, across a multitude of sports, but that is what Chris Snyder does. Chris is the Director for Coaching Education in the Sports Performance Division of the
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Yes, you read that right. Sometimes benching your child is the best thing you can do for him or her….   Are you struggling with a specific problem in your parenting? Do you feel like you’ve hit a wall and just don’t know how to move forward with a certain issue?  I’m a certified life…

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 1493257447 809402417 Introducing Sports Psychology to Young Athletes + MOREHow to Introduce Sports Psychology to Young Athletes
In “Sports Psychology Sessions with Doc,” Dr. Patrick Cohn answers a question from Mike about how you can introduce mental coaching to your sports kids.
Visit Sports Psychology for Athletes at and click on contact us to submit your mental game questions for Dr…

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