INNOVATIONS IN SPORTS: The International Power of Silence in Sports + MORE

INNOVATIONS IN SPORTS: The International Power of Silence in Sports + MORE

Team Player Podcast: Help Your Child Be a Team Player + MORE

To Listen to the Podcast, click on the arrow above. Learning to be a team player is something all parents and coaches can probably agree on. But it’s pretty evident by all the chaos in the youth sports world that not everyone agrees just how that should look. Today’s guest is Solomon Alexander f.... More »

How to Raise a Spoiled Athlete + MORE

Many adults complain that the younger generation is full of entitled kids, teens, and even millennials, and that a spoiled athlete is hard to stomach. I am not writing to debate that issue. In fact, I’m advocating something that may cause some of you to do a doubletake, and that is this very s.... More »

COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS: When to Have the “Santa Clause” Talk with Your Athlete + MORE

Just a little background before I discuss V.J. Stanley’s appearance on the radio show this AM. Although sports parenting concerns have become a continuously rising issue for more than 25 years now. and there have been countless articles, columns, and other forms of media outreach on this topic.... More »
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Three Little Words to Diffuse Your Next Power Struggle + MORE

Power struggles and back talk issues? I hear ya! In fact, “I hear ya” is a phrase I encourage you to try the next time your child complains about doing homework, washing the dishes, taking a bath, or – whatever the complaint department problem is at the moment. “I hear ya” is a great way .... More »

Sports Parenting Podcast: How Parents and Coaches Should Work Together

To listen to the podcast, click on the above arrow. What are sports parents biggest concerns? How does the job of parent and coach differ? What can coaches and parent do to get on the same page when it comes to youth sports? In this episode Emily Cohen from TeamSnap answers these questions and mo.... More »
The Sounds of Silence
By Doug Abrams
For a few years now, a county-wide youth soccer association has tried various measures to control what a local newspaper calls “pushy parents and mouthy” coaches on its approximately 200 teams.  Nothing has worked. Even at the youngest age levels, games feature “parents verbally abusing their own children,” and “parents fighting and swearing at referees and young players” from the sidelines…

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As a recent Aspen Institute research paper notes, just about every signal parents and youth athletes receive today from the prevailing youth sports culture supports the idea that high doses of one sport at an early age is the only pathway to athletic stardom. 

Well, not every signal.

We at MomsTEAM, for one, have been fighting that culture, and trying for the past 14 years to debunk the many myths that have grown up around the supposed need for kids to specialize in a single sport before adolescence…

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