INNOVATIONS IN SPORTS: The International Power of Silence in Sports + MORE

INNOVATIONS IN SPORTS: The International Power of Silence in Sports + MORE
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Teach Kids To Trust In Their Skills Before A Game

Just before a game, you want your athletes to trust in their skills. If they don’t trust in what they’ve learned, they’re likely to try too hard to perfect their skills during the game or perform tight—and that will hurt their performance and confidence. In fact, kids should trust so much in.... More »

Stafan Fatsis on how access is playing out in the NFL’s troubles + MORE

This Slate piece by Stefan Fatsis is about how the NFL’s recent actions have caused the league to lose “its most loyal reporters,” but it also has some insights into the meaning of access, a subject we’ve discussed a lot in this space. “Roger Goodell and the NFL thought.... More »

PITCH COUNTS: A Deeper Look into New York State’s Rules

NEW YORK PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL PITCH COUNT RULES TO GO INTO EFFECT THIS SEASON                                                     By Steve Kallas (The following article discusses the new pitch count rules for New York State only.  For a list of the r.... More »

WOC #19 Sam Walker, Best Selling Author of The Captain Class, The counterintuitive leadership qualities of the men and women who led the greatest teams of all time. + MORE

What do the Collingwood Magpies, the New Zealand All Blacks, Barcelona Football Club and the New York Yankees have in common? They’re all members of author Sam Walker’s list of the 16 greatest sports teams ever. It’s not the talent, the coach, or the strategy that made these teams great –.... More »

The Importance of Doing the Right Thing + MORE

  It’s difficult to turn on a television or view the Internet without seeing examples of people doing bad things and reaping rewards from their actions. For instance, Jordan Belfort, the real life “Wolf of Wall Street,” who conned piles of money from innocent, hardworking peop.... More »
The Sounds of Silence
By Doug Abrams
For a few years now, a county-wide youth soccer association has tried various measures to control what a local newspaper calls “pushy parents and mouthy” coaches on its approximately 200 teams.  Nothing has worked. Even at the youngest age levels, games feature “parents verbally abusing their own children,” and “parents fighting and swearing at referees and young players” from the sidelines…

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As a recent Aspen Institute research paper notes, just about every signal parents and youth athletes receive today from the prevailing youth sports culture supports the idea that high doses of one sport at an early age is the only pathway to athletic stardom. 

Well, not every signal.

We at MomsTEAM, for one, have been fighting that culture, and trying for the past 14 years to debunk the many myths that have grown up around the supposed need for kids to specialize in a single sport before adolescence…

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