INNOVATIONS IN SPORTS: The International Power of Silence in Sports + MORE

INNOVATIONS IN SPORTS: The International Power of Silence in Sports + MORE

Stafan Fatsis on how access is playing out in the NFL’s troubles + MORE

This Slate piece by Stefan Fatsis is about how the NFL’s recent actions have caused the league to lose “its most loyal reporters,” but it also has some insights into the meaning of access, a subject we’ve discussed a lot in this space. “Roger Goodell and the NFL thought.... More »

Sportswriters, like all journalists, should have basic data skills + MORE

It’s been fun to watch the rest of the journalism world catch up to sports in its interest in numbers over the last few years. Sportswriters have been working with numbers for more than a century, but only recently have the non-sports types become fascinated with “data journalism.”.... More »

5 Reasons This Year Could Be Your Best Year Ever + MORE

  Maybe January 1 has loomed as nothing more than the continuation of the difficulties from the previous year. Maybe it’s simply hard to believe that anything could ever be any different than the inevitable “way things are”. Maybe you’re used to letting circumstances sha.... More »

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? + MORE

In a time when I truly feel strongly that we should collaborate rather than look down noses’ at other peoples work and words within the concussion realm there seems to be none of that with a recent report from TSN, Canada.  Although I did get a chance to read, I really didn’t have the p.... More »
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How Should Sports Parents Behave Before A Game? + MORE

Lisa Cohn here to tell you all about the challenges I encountered before my son’s first soccer game. Truth is, I was nervous for Michael. He’s six years old and this was the first sports game he had ever played. I wanted it to be a positive experience for him. I worried that if anything .... More »
The Sounds of Silence
By Doug Abrams
For a few years now, a county-wide youth soccer association has tried various measures to control what a local newspaper calls “pushy parents and mouthy” coaches on its approximately 200 teams.  Nothing has worked. Even at the youngest age levels, games feature “parents verbally abusing their own children,” and “parents fighting and swearing at referees and young players” from the sidelines…

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As a recent Aspen Institute research paper notes, just about every signal parents and youth athletes receive today from the prevailing youth sports culture supports the idea that high doses of one sport at an early age is the only pathway to athletic stardom. 

Well, not every signal.

We at MomsTEAM, for one, have been fighting that culture, and trying for the past 14 years to debunk the many myths that have grown up around the supposed need for kids to specialize in a single sport before adolescence…

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