INNOVATION IN SPORTS: Why the NFL is Looking for College Graduates + MORE

INNOVATION IN SPORTS: Why the NFL is Looking for College Graduates + MORE


A lot of coaches regularly employ punishment as a "teaching" tool with their athletes and teams. If the team/athlete fails to execute well, makes a lot of mistakes or loses, the coach punishes them with more physically brutal practices, extra trainings and usually extra, long hard conditioning.  I.... More »

How to Deal with a Negative Coach + MORE

If your child has ever been coached by a negative coach, you have probably been tempted to fight fire with fire. If he’s a yeller, you want to chew him out. If he’s critical, you want to be critical about him being critical. If he focuses more on the mistakes of the team than on...Read&#.... More »

Don’t Raise a Dirty Player: 5 Steps to Cleanliness in Youth Sports

Virtue #3 Of the 52 Virtues Project: Cleanliness When I saw “cleanliness” on the list of 52 virtues, I was intrigued. I actually never thought of it as a virtue before. But the following explanation of cleanliness broadens the meaning; we’re not just talking about taking baths. Cleanliness mea.... More »

SPORTS PARENTING TRENDS: What’s the Key Ingredient for Young Athletes Today?

 Advice From the Pros to Parents and Coaches By Doug Abrams In the Sun Herald late last month, writer Patrick Ochs reported on a talk that former all-star outfielder Darryl Strawberry delivered in Biloxi, Mississippi. Reflecting on his 17 seasons in Major League Baseball, Strawberry spoke about you.... More »
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Terrorism and Children: Tough Conversations That Matter + MORE

Terrorism has become a sad and terrifying part of life in the 21st century. It is difficult enough for adults to understand and make sense of violent acts perpetrated against innocent people. But what about children? How do adults help kids make sense of terrorism while promoting children’s we.... More »

4 Ways to Fight Fair


The Williams family was at it again.  Mom accused Dad of being rude to her that morning.  Dad denied it.  He claimed his memory was more accurate than hers.  Mom said he was crazy and that he was acting like his father.  Dad exploded in anger.  He yelled that she was stupid and overweight…

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What an amazingly simple yet stunningly way to select talented players for the NFL!
I think we all know that when it comes to scouting college football players and their potential to play in the NFL, all sorts of tests of physical skills are utilized. The NFL Combine puts potential draft choices through all sorts of drills, poking and prodding the prospects…

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