Improvements In Youth Sports Safety Seen At State Level, But Work Remains + MORE

Improvements In Youth Sports Safety Seen At State Level, But Work Remains + MORE
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An American National Sport Coaches Association? + MORE

I have been living in Alexandria, Va for the past two years. I quickly recognized that many national and regional associations representing groups of professionals or an industry are headquartered here.  A sampling of my favorites include: There must be dozens more associations like this here in.... More »

NATA Issues New Sports Health and Safety Best Practice Guidelines

The National Athletic Trainers' Association and Youth Sports Safety Alliance have issued best practice youth sports health safety guidelines.  Touted as the first of their kind, the guidelines, however, largely mirror best practice recommendations that MomsTEAM Institute, a member of the Alliance,.... More »

10 Things That Will Make Life Easier for Busy Sport Parents

Busy Sports parents, do you feel like you’re drowning? Last night I was talking with a sports mom, who was recounting her busy day to me: running from school to home to pre-game drop-off, to home, and back to the game. It made me tired just listening to her! I remember that life. There were....... More »

What to Look for in Your Kids’ Sports Drink

What’s the best kids’ sports drink for your child to consume? There are so many that claim to be the best, how’s a parent to know? Let’s start with a simpler question: are sports drinks even necessary? A couple of weeks ago, I was one of the speakers at the Elite Soccer Summi.... More »

One Word That Will Raise Your Child’s Game + MORE

Is your child struggling? Maybe he’s in a slump, or perhaps she’s feeling unmotivated. I’d like to tell you about one word that will raise your child’s game. I saw my kids struggle several times through the years as they played. And it wasn’t because they didn’t w.... More »
Statistics released by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association in March 2016 show improvement in the number of states that have adopted best practices in three major areas of sports safety, but that safety gaps persist.

The number of states (and percent improvements since the 2014-15 school year) that meet current, evidence-based recommendations are as follows:
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This week’s CoachUp Spotlight features Zach Stevenson, who will be sharing some examples of how he leverages social media to grow his private coaching business. Zach was one of the first to join CoachUp as he created his profile way back in 2012. We’re really excited to share his thoughts on building a following and interacting with athletes […] The post CoachUp Spotlight Series: Zach Stevenson on using Social Media to his advantage appeared first on CoachUp Blog.

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Help Young Athletes Develop A Pregame Routine
Just before a game, a number of challenges hurt kids’ confidence. A big one among them, parents tell us, are worries about who will come to kids’ games to watch them perform.
Young athletes worry about coaches, friends, girlfriends and boyfriends, parents, and parents’ friends watching them and possibly seeing them mess up…

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