Illinois Governor Signs Concussion Bill Into Law – UPDATE + MORE

Illinois Governor Signs Concussion Bill Into Law – UPDATE + MORE
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flag football tournaments 1438725720 1686997802 Illinois Governor Signs Concussion Bill Into Law – UPDATE + MOREI can remember playing Fantasy Football some 40 years ago with 5 of my junior high friends. Armed with old Sporting News and Sports Illustrated magazines, our chief strategy in the early years was to pick running backs first and keep an eye out for quarterbacks who also like to run near the goal line…

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kids football tournaments 1438725716 197960688 Illinois Governor Signs Concussion Bill Into Law – UPDATE + MOREBy Mike Reinold, DPT, ATC
Founder of Champion Physical Therapy and Performance, Boston, MA
Key Points: (comments below from Dev Mishra, M.D.)

This article is written by Mike Reinold, a colleague and friend who happens to be one of our country’s foremost experts on pitching mechanics and pitching injuries
This article appeared in Reinold’s blog
Last week we wrote about overuse being the main factor in risk for pitching injury, but here Mike goes one step further and says that lack of education and awareness from coaches (and likely parents) is the cause of the overuse
Improved awareness of guidelines for safe pitching should lead to a reduction in pitching injuries

This article that you are about to read is really disappointing…

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UPDATED: 15:20, see below… Yesterday Illinois Gov. Rauner signed  SB0007 into law making it Public Act 099-0245 effectively titled Youth Sports Concussion Safety Act bringing a much more robust set of standards when dealing with concussions in Illinois. The bill/law is basically an extension of the IHSA Policies regarding concussions plus some strengthening for player/participant safety…

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